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Mark my words, people! This comic has been a long time in coming! Almost two months in coming!

I came up with this comic the week that the Shura's appearance and class abilities was announced on kRO. Little did I know that I'd be having to revisit this comic repeatedly henceforth!

I actually had to change the dialogue and punchline a few times as time passed, too. Hopefully the comic's not stale, though. And nutritious. Can't forget nutritious.

... That kind of makes my comic sound like pre-sliced bread, though it wouldn't taste nearly as good.

... well ... maybe if you had an edible monitor made out of bread, maybe, but I don't know how you'd get the screen to work.

Hey! Maybe some of those color-changing "smart inks!" You could put some of that on a slab of bread and ... well, no, it'd need some way to receive a signal.

Okay! So food technology isn't quite there yet. Mark my words, though, it will be!

Hell, I've seen mozzarella balloons, egg rolls with edible paper and food-grade ink, and a whole bunch of other crazy creative technological feats of food fabrication.

... I still kind of find it funny that the third classes are, in most cases, continuing (or perhaps founding) a pattern inherent to second classes and trans classes.

For example, the female mage slowly gained clothing, shocker of shockers, starting with Wizard and moving on up the line. I suppose it continued with warlocks, although it's more like the clothed bits of their body migrated. Now instead of wearing a one-piece swimsuit, they're wearing pants and a bra.

And other flowy bits.

Meanwhile, the priestess class went from having a split dress to a dress with a crotchbanner as a high priestess, and now as an archbishop that crotchbanner has become a mini-crotchbanner.

And now ... we've got the male Shura getting in on the clothing evolution action!

I dare say it's one of the more distinct progressions, too. When I drew Father Duck as a Shura, the class concept artwork hadn't been released, only the sprite. Thus, this is actually quite a bit off from how the Shura looks in concept artwork (sprites are almost always significantly different than the artwork).

In this case, the clothing isn't nearly as exaggerated as it should be, and the gauntlets aren't quite the right design as the ones seen in the concept artwork.

Oh well—it's what I had at the time. And Father Duck lacks the cross-shaped scar, but we can always fix that with a bit of barbecue sauce and a paint brush.

If he'd let us get that close to his manly manboobs.

... Maybe we should just stick with a fire hose and yellow paint.

Yeah, that sounds like the safer bet.

I must have spent half a day drawing myself in that final panel—even though the arm positions are anatomically correct, once I had colored the whole thing, the arm bending back just looked wrong. It still does, to me—I don't know if I emphasized the fact that it's behind me enough. I had to give up eventually though.

Comic #449

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