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Sunday night, I was stumped on a comic for the week; then somebody mentions to me the warm spell they've been having up in Ohio. I thought on it a bit—making a comic about how unseasonally warm it is doesn't quite work out for the folks in the southern hemisphere, but this popped up in my head after recalling all the stuff that's gone on in iRO since the last year.

Zelse still cries when in shock from a revelation! Just ... not as much as he usually does when in complete joy or terror Come to think of it, he cries for almost every emotion a human can experience! His tear ducts are like a faucet—the more intense the emotion, the harder the tears fly ... and no, I swear:

Zelse did not cause this to happen. As you can see! He's in Prontera, clearly far away from Lutie. ... Well ... Nothing's stopping him from performing a long-range bombardmet with his Tears of Assassination, I suppose ...

Comic #450

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