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I've had this idea floating around for a while, after hearing about what happens when people transfer between servers on iRO. I've never tried it myself, mind.

This Champion isn't a cameo of anyone we know or an alt of any of ours. It was just somebody. Complete fabrication, this guy! ... That's not to say that he's a cloth golem. Far from it. Although, that would be really cool, to fabricate golems out of fabric ...

Since I never really played on Sakray—hell, never paid much attention to that server—but things have changed since Gravity decided to off Sakray. For one, I've heard that Sakray went live again for further testing of episodes, but I don't know if they still allow people to transfer characters off of Sakray whenever the server is open for testing. (I tried taking a peek for myself and couldn't turn up any answers related to that).

Still, the situation itself is funny enough (well, not so funny for people who have wound up with unfortunate names) that it should remain funny even after the fact! Or, so I hope.

Thankfully iRO does allow name changes. As for this guy, I was going to go for the Vince Offer reference, but his fad-enforced catchphrase is too long for Ragnarok Online character names.

Comic #451

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