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Welp, another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we've given our thanks to thankful recipients! Now, this is about the time when I ... zzz ...


... huh? What? Where was I?! Oh, yeah! I've never actually had deep-fried turkey before, but it's become more and more popular. So much so that Alton Brown devoted a whole show on how to do it right, since turkey fryers are a real safety hazard.

I can easily imagine something like this happening in RO. What if you had a Pecopeco Frying Set that you could use for cooking that could give you a chance to either create a delicious multi-stat-buffing Deep-Fried Pecopeco Leg, or cast Lord of Vermilion 10 on yourself? I know, Lord of Vermilion is a Wind spell and Meteor Swarm is Fire, but come on! Have you seen some of the demonstration videos involving turkey fryer mishaps?! That kind of thing deserves more of a light show than a simple Fire Wall! Besides, it's not like your turkey fryer is going to launch giant balls of molten rock at your face if you do it wrong! ...
Well, okay, I suppose it won't cause massive random explosions and lightning strikes, either.

Uhh ... okay! How about it casts a few firewalls AND the Volcano effect? That would really hurt!

Comic #452

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