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You know, I'm actually not sure when this update rolled out on iRO. *factcheck* Oh, around the 25th of November, it seems.

I'd only heard about it the week prior to this week's RW, in a conversation with someone who didn't like the new bonus system.

I personally don't mind it; probably conditioning from hearing long ago about the rumored "pet skills." Compared to those, the bonuses aren't so bad. They're equivalent to, what, an extra accessory? One you have to feed, of course, but still.

If I could have any kind of pet in RO, though, I'd definitely want a Fillr. I'd name it after Victoreet. Especially if I could have it use Frost Joke instead of the usual Fillr skills. That would be ... pretty close to how Victoreet behaves in the Ragnarok Wisdom IRC channel.

I was going to add a Zealotus in the background of that panel, but it was already kind of crowded.

I'm actually pretty glad that pets don't make noise as pets. With the new appeal baby desert wolves have, there's probably going to be many, many people with one. All that yelping would be worse than being a chaperon to Navi and Clippy on their first date.

If you know who they are, you get a cookie made of healing. Don't ask me how, it was Nth's idea! I swear!

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