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Good. God.

Drawing the T-800 in its exoskeleton is REALLY, REALLY TIME CONSUMING.

As is drawing John Connor's hairstyle from Terminator 4: Salvation. That's why this comic is dated beyond Sunday, because of how much time it took me to complete it (you weren't helping either, Lunaris! Nyeh!).

You'd think it wouldn't be much of a problem, considering he's got a sort of jarhead-style cut. It's getting that stubbly shaved head look down that's a problem! I wound up having to redo drawings of him several times until I got something that looked somewhat satisfactory. He still doesn't look much like Christian Bale to me, though—and for that, Christian Bale is done professionally with me. ;_;

... And I also forgot the stubble on his face while doing this, but ... well, I don't think I could get it to look right, not with how much time I'd already spent on the comic. I just wanted it done at the point I finished!

The funny thing, though, is that I was saving this comic idea for when Terminator 4: Salvation came out. Little did I realize that it came out around the time I came up with the comic idea. I finally decided to do it once it was released to DVD, but again—I didn't even hear of its release at the time it happened (December 1).

So ... yeah. Not only was this comic tardy for an RW update, it was also tardy as far as timing it with Terminator 4's release!

I probably should have taken that as a sign not to do the comic, but—(this paragraph has been targeted for termination)

Oh, right. For those of you wondering what John Connor is talking about, here:
Back in Ragnarok Online's early years, some of the botters used a program that would crash or disconnect from iRO if a player sat next to them. It was an effective way of ridding the game of bots—well, aside from warping them to Glast Heim.

Comic #454

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