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I know that Texas isn't supposed to see snow very often, but man. This year, it's felt a lot warmer than usual. A LOT warmer.

Even if Texas is one of the southern states, it's still pretty far off from the equator, so you'd think that we'd at the very least get some kind of winter chill, but this year we haven't even gotten that!

Some days have felt like I'm still in September or October, rather than the end of the year. I'm talking about going out in the dead of winter wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt and not feeling the least bit uncomfortable. That's just crazy!

... You know something, though? I'm used to thinking of winter as starting with the month of December, not towards the end. I don't know why this is.

Maybe it's because by the time December starts, in the more northern areas of the world (and southern areas too, for you guys close to The Other Pole: It's What's For Dinner) it's already getting snowy.

It's been looking as gray as this comic for quite a few days, though. Other days there isn't a cloud in the sky. So it's like looking at a dead TV channel either way—er, wait, nevermind that.

Even funnier is that we've been having several days where it just ... rains and drizzles. I'm not talking sleet, here—just rain.

Though honestly, I'd prefer rain to sleet. Sleet is bad news, since that usually comes with iced-over roads. At least rain is just ... well ... rain.

Not as easy for drivers who rarely see cold weather to wig out and turn the highways into a Broadway musical on ice. With cars.

Comic #455

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