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... Boy oh boy.

Hell must have frozen over, or something, when I was making these comics. What, you want to know why Hell froze over? Stop reading the rambling column and read the comic to find out!

Go on!

Go read the comic!



I mean, uh.


This comic? This comic right here? I'm not exaggerating. I can't make this stuff up.

Early the morning of Christmas Eve—and I'm talking like 4:00 AM—it started raining. A lot. That's what inspired me to do the comic for yesterday ... but then it got weirder.

Later, towards pre-dawn, that rain turned to sleet.

By the time the sun rose, it was snowing.

An hour later, it was a full on blizzard.

I mentioned it before, but I'll mention it again: I live in Texas, one of the southern states of the U.S.

And yet, most of this state (as well as Oklahoma) got at least a foot of snow!

Gut Funk and I were buried in the white stuff! (SNOW, YOU PERVERTS!)

We were both wigged out by the timing. We really had a white Christmas for once!

There's enough snow that I want to go make a snowman once it becomes packing snow. I haven't played around in snow for at least a decade, and that was only once.

I haven't seen proper snow storm like this since I was a toddler up in Idaho!

Comic #456

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