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I timed the update for this comic so that it'd coincide with 9:00 PM CST on the final day of 2009!

Nth Power helped me write some of these unfortunate scenarios. As far as I know, none of them actually happened, but they are evocative of the kind of misfortune that I and other RW cast members have dealt with over the course of the year.

For us, the Year of Cirno was as if she had passed on her legendary "nineball" status to all of us. Well, in varying amounts. But still! I'm kind of glad to get out of 2009, and yet at the same time, annoyed because I wanted to finish other things before the year is out.

I still need to find out how to stop time in order to do that, though. Or get the ability to not sleep without any ill effects! That'd work, too.

I heard there was a guy in Vietnam who's not slept for most of his life after some kind of accident.

I don't know if that's true or not, but I can't imagine how it must be going through life like that.

Though I guess it'd be paradise for the kind of people who tend to stay busy (as I do!).

Oh dear. Nth Power getting his Shin Akuma on.

No, wait, that'd mean he'd have glowing Japanese or Chinese characters on his back.


Comic #459

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