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This year, Valentine's Day coincided with the Chinese New Year. That's why I named this comic the way I did—it's the Year of the Tiger, it's the thrill of the fi ... okay, I'll stop! I just didn't want people thinking there'd be chocolate tigers, just as there aren't any chocolate helicopters. I can't make something that sophisticated! It'd probably melt, anyway.

They still have problems making chocolate candy that won't melt easily in hot environments ... but if they could make a candy helicopter, they could make it run off of biodiesel! Have you ever smelled the exhaust from biodiesel? It smells like french fries! I'm not joking, there! I think it's safe to drink, too. Well, PURE biodiesel should be, not stuff that's blended with gasoline. I wouldn't try it unless you KNOW it's pure biodiesel ... Chocolate helicopters. That would be Willy Wonka's greatest invention ... wait, what am I talking about?

Posterity notice! The kid in this comic was part of iRO's 2010 Valentine's Day quest. He was in Juno, and you could either help him out, or talk to an old couple in Hugel about their romance; either way, they'd send you to Al de Baran to get chocolate from an Angeling working a part-time job as Cupid's Fairy. Only thing is, you'd have to wait in line ... Hence Nth Power's solution!

Comic #464

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