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This ... is definitely not my usual style, I know! The only time I ever seriously wander into the territory of sprite comics is with The Legend of Key-Fu, and that's a once-a-year kind of thing. Though, given the subject, I think it's appropriate to bust out something like this!

See, today marked the release of Mega Man 10 on the Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console. By now everyone's probably heard how Capcom has gone retro, with Mega Man 9 being released back in ... 2008, was it? And it marked a return to NES-like graphics, sound, and gameplay. Pure nostalgia overload—and they even made fake box art involving the ... um ... not-quite-accurate artwork seen in the first two releases of the classic NES series. Of course, since it's only a fake retro game, it has a lot of modern features and stuff. Achievements, downloadable extra content, you know. Stuff we've come to expect since the turn of the millenium. Or maybe 2003? I'm not sure.

Anyway! Mega Man 10 is the same way. So given that, I figured, why not just make a comic using graphics from the NES games? With the inclusion of the Gut Funk sprite from the 8-Bit Thanksgiving comic a few years back!

The most time consuming process out of making this comic—which wouldn't have been much at all—was in trying to find a font that adequately resembled the one used in the NES games. There's a lot of faux pixel fonts out there, and a lot of them just don't quite get it right. The one I used for this comic is Bit Darling 10 (sRB). Even then, it's not QUITE the same, but it's good enough for government work!

Speaking of good enough for government work, I wound up using the "get weapon" screen from Mega Man 5—Mega Man 1 didn't have ANY weapon get screens, and all the ones before didn't use Mega Man's sprite form for the sequences. And as you can see ... I needed him in his sprite form!

Comic #466

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