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Okay, I'll admit it.

I was halfway hoping that when Sega announced they'd be shutting down Phantasy Star Universe on March 31st, that it'd be an early April Fool's prank and that they'd bring the servers up after today.

I say "halfway" though because I was fully aware that it'd only happen if the Toilet Duck flew to the moon and painted it blue with his toilet cleaning accessories.

And you know how hard it is for us to get out of Earth's gravity well right now!

That's why I envy these Kharakians. Not only are they able to hop out of their world's gravity well any time they want, but they've got the know-how to build the galaxy's most dangerous banana!

... Wait. I mean mothership.

So, how many of you guys have played Homeworld? Or even heard of it?

I'm guessing not that many, since I was only in the former camp until very recently—but I honestly feel a bit disadvantaged for having not played it earlier.

At least I managed to try it out while it's still possible to run 32-bit programs!

I'm pretty sure that in the coming decade, they'll come out with 128-bit OSes, and by that point, all the 32-bit programs we've been using for the better part of this decade will no longer be usable.

Just like what happened with 16-bit programs when 64-bit OSes came out. I've been using XP64 for two years or so now (barring the half-year I was stuck on that laptop), and it won't open any 16-bit programs. ;_;

Maybe they'll find a way around that, but I doubt it. They probably saw no need to support older programs anymore, but that still sucks.

Anyway! Homeworld is a pretty awesome RTS, done by the same guys better known nowadays for Company of Heroes and the Dawn of War series .. es. I recommend trying all the Homeworld out if you can find them!

I'm ... not exactly sure what I thought I'd be pranking people with when I worked on this. Maybe it's because it's the return of Space Link! Only this time he's a mass of giant starship-sized pixels instead of an alien with floppy rubbery yellow hair.

Or maybe it's the fact that this actually happens in Homeworld, except not with a giant Space Link, and the encounter is much more friendly. So it's more like ... "APRIL FOOLS! YOU'RE MY BOOMERANG NOW! IT'S TIME TO TAKE A LITTLE JOYRIDE!"

Poor Karan S'jet.

She's gonna need a ton of motion sickness medicine after this. ;_;

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