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Ah, dyeing eggs, the favorite pastime of Easter!

Jeez, look at me there. I look so tired, like I'm about to fall over comatose. I guess that's just how used to Nth Power's explosive potions I am! Especially when his explosive potions are applied to eggs and used during Halloween pranks.

Only Nth Power can turn eggs into incredible, edible hand grenades. I'm sure he would prefer coating pineapples instead for the visual and literal puns involved, but it's a tradition among vandals and delinquents to use eggs for wreaking havoc. All I know is, Nth Power is living proof that cooking and demolitions can be directly related!

Sniff actually has a specific theme song he uses when he goes into a smashing frenzy. I've heard it, but I have no clue what the song is from, only that it's called "Eraser." He used to play it whenever he'd go on a "*SMASH!*" frenzy over Tristan doing or saying one thing or another!

This is an object lesson in what happens if you happen to typo your words!

Actually, I'm not even sure what Gut Funk is up to there.

Half of the things Gut Funk does are a mystery to everyone!

Except when he explodes. That's a pretty straightforward act.

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