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Okay, so my last comic was wrong! They DID kinda sorta do something in honor of the new year!

Though, I will say that what they chose to do was kind of ... oddly serendipitous? Considering what World of Warcraft has been doing since last month.
As of this comic, I haven't played World of Warcraft since, oh ... the free trial period I had back in late 2006. However, being the monolithic MMO giant that it is, most of the people I know play it, and I hear a lot about what's going on in the game, like with the latest expansion and Cataclysm.

WoW didn't have achievements when I played the free trial, so you can imagine my surprise when I heard that they now have an achievement for people who get killed by big bad Deathwing in one of his random overhead flights—and that once he's MVP'd for the first time, no one will be able to earn the achievement ever again. That would drive the achiever streak in me insane!

Comic #479

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