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Now, we'll see Nth Power's plan come to fruition! Sure doesn't take long for Talien to notice. He can pick guys like these out of a crowd in no time. ... well, actually, that might not be so much of a feat in this case. I mean, they're all just kinda standing still, in strange poses.

And yet, despite never moving, they're everywhere Talien goes!

Where exactly did Nth Power draw inspiration for his dastardly plan? None other than the 1977 music video for Kraftwerk's "The Robots!"

If you're thinking that's too obscure for you to have caught beforehand, don't worry—I'm just as in the dark as you! :D

Seriously, though. Kraftwerk started their career, like, six or seven years before I was born, and I'm not as much into electronic music as I am rock. I literally didn't know about this video—or much of anything about Kraftwerk, really—until a few days ago. I stumbled across this video at random. At first I was kind of weirded out ... then it grew on me with the next and third playbacks. Then the idea for this whole mini-series hit me.

The odd (or not so odd?) thing is that Kraftwerk seems to update their songs every few years or so. If you look around, you can find music videos and live performance recordings of Kraftwerk's songs, and you'll see that the song changes over the years. So does the band, come to think of it—they got more and more robotic as time goes on! Ironic, when you think about it. In this day and age, we can now make robots that act out the 1977 music video to the letter. I wonder if Kraftwerk will have android duplicates of their 1977 selves carry on for them once they retire?

Anyway! Some trivia for RO players who didn't play in the betas:

There was once a time where Acolytes (and other clerics) could cast Warp Portal on tiles occupied by players, but it was removed early on in RO's lifespan since it was (naturally) abused by griefers.

Comic #481

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