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It's time for another Super Bowl Sunday!

I didn't watch the Super Bowl this year, but I've made it a sort of tradition to do a comic about the Super Bowl every Sunday. Thing is, I didn't know what to do until Gut Funk—who lives down near Dallas and was close enough to see the commotion at the Cowboy Stadium where this year's Super Bowl was held—mentioned the military flyover in the opening ceremonies.

Then I had an idea! But I had to wait to see who won before I could do it. Thing is, nobody in the cast who was watching the Super Bowl were rooting for the team that eventually won. Thankfully, Sir Hawkeye volunteered—he lived in Winsconsin for a while, so that was close enough for me!

Well ... maybe it wouldn't have mattered, since he's currently flying a massive B-52 Stratofortress, sipping a manlatte while winning a gridiron football game all by himself. You know what's crazy about those B-52s? They've been flown since the 1950s! They're over 50 years old and the U.S. Air Force is planning to fly them until the 2040s. Almost a full century since they were built!

Just imagine those referees down on the field. I bet they're having a field day doing an interpretive dance of all these game rule infractions.

Comic #483

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