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Being the perpetually single guy I am, in previous years I used to do a lot of Valentine's Day comics whining about it—but nobody likes a whiner, and in recent years iRO has come up with some pretty nice quests as V-Day events.

Like the ones for this year!

Now, I don't know if iRO's V-Day quests are available in the other legit servers, so I'll point you guys to this guide if you feel like learning more about it. As you can see, if you screw up you might randomly make Junky Chocolate, which will restore a small amount of SP but at a chance of poisoning yourself.

It's bad enough if you're clueless enough to try and give Junky Chocolate as a gift to your significant other, but it's even worse if your significant other speaks German and you don't realize that "gift" in German means "poison!"

Just imagine if Gravity went for the full nine yards, though, and made a fully interactive chocolate treat cooking quest.

I'm sure that's what those crazy developers for A Tale in the Desert would do. And then they would implement Kinect or Wiimote or some other motion-tracking technology for the full virtual reality experience! All the fun of making chocolate without eating it ...

... Waitaminute.

Random fact: German Chocolate isn't actually named for Germany, but for an English guy, Samuel German, who worked for an American chocolate company back in the 19th century.

So you could give HIM chocolate and tell him it's a gift, but if it's Junky Chocolate, he'd probably give you a German Suplex right back.

Comic #484

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