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We're not done with Valentine's Day yet! Though that was probably obvious from the last comic's title, eh heh.

And here's Sir Hawkeye again! Ever since I brought him back into the comic, he's been showing up around Nth Power a lot. Well, I guess that's natural—he's an engineer of sorts (or more like a knight that moonlights as a mechanic), Nth Power is an alchemic prankster. Those skill sets complement each other like chocolate and peanut butter!

In the actual quest on which this two-parter is based, Saneva apologizes to you if you talk to her again, then conscripts you into helping her out. You don't get your chocolate back because you've got to deliver it to another person for her, but she does offer to make Fierce Cacao 99% once you've helped her out, so ... It may or may not be worth it, depending on how much chocolate she stole from you in the first place, and the extent of your injuries when she gives you the heave-ho.

I think I need to see a chiropractor. ;_;

"Hershey Handshaker" is genuine Sniff-talk! I asked him what he would call someone who just accosted him and stole all his chocolate.

I'm pretty sure he didn't stuff his face with chocolate or inject it into his body or anything. He's just crammed his uniform full of chocolates!

We better hope Nth Power doesn't get the idea to make a chocolate flavored version of his Swordieade from this. I predict that if he does, it will cause people to pop like chocolatey Tang.
Poor Nth, though. His face is stuck in an eternal "D:" expression!

Comic #485

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