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As of this comic, I still haven't checked out what Renewal has done to RO, much less checked out the dungeons that have popped up since Surt Satan Morroc leveled Morroc with his explosive indigestion. It's kind of hard trying to come up with a suitable backdrop for Nidhogg Nidhoggur's Nest since I've not seen it first-hand yet.

Originally I was gonna have Zelse do a Sonic Blow here, but I found out that Sonic Blow only misses against regular herb-bearing plants. So, I went with the next best thing thanks to a suggestion from an iRO Valkyrie player, Maiko-chan—an Ancient Tree! The amount of Hit you need to reliably attack it is insane, especially since it's a freaking tree!

... Is it just me, or does Zelse's recollection kind of look like Gut Funk is stuck in a giant peachy mango sherbet sculpture of South Prontera? I think Zelse must have been thinking about ice cream just before this.

Gut Funk was the inspiration for this comic—it spawned from a conversation between the two of us at the RW IRC channel, where he made this very observation, which then became the demotivation for Zelse, and then became the motivation for the Ancient Tree to accept annihilation!

... Boy, with all those words ending in -ion, I dare say we've ionized this Rambling!

Comic #486

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