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Back in RW's early days, this was the comic that got all the laughs!

I should point out that what Nth Power's doing here is a legacy joke of his. Back when he was in junior high, he had a running gag in a roleplaying community about the Chemist Army, chemists from Final Fantasy Tactics who delighted in causing toilets to explode.

You know, I had no idea that alchemists could make explosive potions when I created this one. It was, again, way before hard info on the alternate second classes came out. Although it would have probably been late in the design process, I can't help but wonder... has someone at Gravity been reading Ragnarok Wisdom?

Later on, I learned after reading the Ragnarok manhwa that Myung-Jin Lee is a fan of FFT, too, had had FFT characters like Razia show up in the background.

Would this be a case of recursive irony?

Irony is one of those weird concepts that's hard to get my mind around. Can I just take some unused railroad rails and twist it into a moebius strip?

Comic #5

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