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Well, this one turned out a little shorter than I was planning, mainly because time was dragging on and I was unable to continue drawing (been up all night working on this and some other stuff on adultimum.net).

Some of the stuff I had planned to add to this comic included a group shot of everyone who's been in Ragnarok Wisdom thus far, and a preview of people from the Crusaders of Rune-Midgard set to appear in future comics. Ah well—do what you can with the time you have where you are! That's what Big Teddy used to say.

And by Big Teddy I mean Teddy Roosevelt.

Come to think of it, he carried a big stick, too. I wonder if it was upgraded to +10?

Of course, if it were Teddy in my place, El Blargo wouldn't be able to set him on fire. It would just light his big stick on fire, and then El Blargo would be in deep fabre fluff.

Comic #50

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