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This kind of subject is a gold mine. Seriously, what other game allows you to run around wearing a BIRTHDAY CAKE as a helmet? More importantly, how the heck do you keep a birthday cake on your head?

... Or better yet, how do you do that with a lot of the hats?

The only way I can see that you can get away with sticking an Aerial on your head is by impaling it into your skill ... ... eww.

... What are you all looking at my biretta like that for?! ;_;

Getting Lenz right is difficult for me, for some reason. Whenever I draw him, he always winds up looking kinda goofy. There's like, some aura around him... that makes him look weird whenever I draw him.


Oh, there's a few more cameos in this comic!

Well, okay, it's just Riffy (middle left) and Gut Funk (dead center). Corigan's down there, too, on the bottom left, wearing the Golden Gear.

The Golden Gear looks WAY too much like panties, and I can't help but feel that it was intentionally designed that way ...

Comic #52

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