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This comic stemmed from a picture that Lacrosse drew of me (aragan fanart ;_;) with a pidgeon on my hand, and remarked that I could now use Blitz Beat.

This comic is a direct result of her fan art!

Although the result of the comic being a direct result of her fanart is only a part of the result of the ... result!

The rest of the story: I used to play Medal of Honor a lot.

At one point while playing through the single player campaign, I shot an enemy soldier in the butt.

He fell down to the ground with a blood stain right on the seat of his pants, and he yelled out "THE SHITS!" ...

That experience has stuck with me, to say the least!

Granted, he was yelling in German, but given I don't know German beyond a few random words or phrases (such as "ich habe 2% milch," thanks to Nth Power) that's what it sounded like!

Why is Gut Funk the unfortunate target? It's payback! That picture was made last year, after Open Beta 2 shut down.

... The scary thing about this comic? Paste is white.

Okay, maybe not scary, but it's nauseating.

That's probably why Gut Funk exploded!

Comic #53

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