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This was inspired by a chat with Talien not too long ago, on his account of him and Lacrosse on their many adventures—and that Lacrosse once had a triple boned weapon. She wouldn't stop joking about how it had a boner.

This is what came out of that story!

You gotta love how slang can turn a language on its head, huh? What used to be perverted slang in the past becomes tame in the now, and words that had entirely different meanings in the past suddenly take on a perverse context in modern times.

That would mean the jokes of today would become the injokes fifty years from now!

Or centuries from now, even.

Man, I don't know about you guys, but I think the Sword of Austin Powers would be THE most effective PVP weapon, hands down.

I mean, think about it! Who'd want to risk getting stabbed by THAT? Especially with all the double entendres that would ensue from being wounded by Mr. S.O.A.P.

Which means ... Expect to see Mr. S.O.A.P a few times in the near future!

(ohh dear soap lolz)

Comic #54

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