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This is the first time in Ragnarok Wisdom history that five characters have appeared in an RW without me having to extend the width of the comic to compensate!

By which I'm referring to the Turkey Day comic I did last year.

Oh, and if I'm not mistaken ... This is also the first time two priests have been in the comic at the same time!

Funnily enough they have the same hairstyle and the same set of glasses!

Saint Damien and Talien are like twins, except ... not!

... Also, did anyone notice a weird similarity between four of the guys here?

Corigan ... Aragan ... Damien ... and Talien... We all end in the letter N, and two of us end with an an and the other two with an en. And Nth Power's name starts with an N.


So, anyway! Today is Nth Power's birthday. Yes, like most characters in Ragnarok Wisdom, Nth Power IS a real person—he's an old buddy of mine for at least five years or so. He also goes by Matt or Anerki (and posted as the former on the RW shoutbox a few times), and does IAQing (writing up FAQs and walkthroughs for imaginary and often hilarious games).

I encourage ya'll to check out his site at Disaster Labs and check out some of his stuff (I highly recommend Mattfighter and the DHV series!).

I mean, today's his birthday. Do it for him! Give him some lav! ;_;

The Acola-cola and Swordieade gags are real Nth Power inventions—well, okay, maybe not real in the sense that he's made real life equivalents, but they're ideas of his!

Like most of the stuff I do in Ragnarok Wisdom, it's inspired by something my fellow guildmates in CoRM have actually done or said!

The sodas were part of Nth Power's gags for a while, and I suspect he'll be making more drinks later on.

I think I heard him talk about a Merchant-Up before, and I phrr what that's going to be like.

Merchants barfing coins out of a third nostril?

That almost seems surreal. I'll leave it up to Nth to plot out.

Maybe I should ask him to cook up a recipe for his sodas. Heh heh.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this improptu present, Nth—and happy 20th birthday once again!

Comic #59

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