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You know, this always got me. What is UP with the sudden, practicaly instantaneous changes in enviroment in RO? This only truly happens around the Prontera, Morroc and Payon border, where serene, temperate forests INSTANTLY give way to blazing desert or sweltering jungles. Like the map south of Poring Island. One side of the map's desert, the other is jungle, and there's only a neighborhood's length between them!@$%

I can't think of any place on Earth where a forest is right next to a desert (correct me if I'm wrong, though!) or otherwise. Usually you'd see giant tracts of plains in between the forest and the desert, for example. Things gradually taper off, they don't just BOOM! become instant desert. Forests, actually... they do kinda drop off quickly, but not like a solid wall of trees ... It looks more like the paintbrush tool in MS Paint.

... Did I put everyone to sleep with this rant? ;_;

Comic #62

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