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Heeeeere's Kawaii-chan!

Even though they both started out as novices, they both speak gratuitous Japanese, and they both have names starting with a K, Kawaii-chan isn't a parody of Kuumei from Everlasting Wanderers! Kuumei's not as bad at the gratuitous Japanese as the kind of people Kawaii-chan parodies. That's saying something!

Besides, I don't think Kuumei and Kawaii-chan would like each other very much. Not after what she does here! One can only imagine the chaos that would ensue once Kawaii-chan locks eyes with Kuumei's pet poring, Pinky ... Oh, hey, there's an idea. PINKY VERSUS KAWAII-CHAN!

*ducks a brick or two from Pinky's fans*

screenChaos006 was when I ditched the attempt at using colored lines as a shading technique and went with just using black lines for lineart. It's a bit more efficient that way!

When I made this comic, I released it an hour or so before the start of Closed Beta 2 (version 1). Just as planned!

Back when I first made this comic, people were freaked out at how much damage Kawaii-chan was doing to the poring with her jaws. Fangirlness aside, there is some truth to this! Due to the way the jaw muscle is shaped, it's the strongest muscle in the body (in the sense of exerting a force on an object, that is).

The Guinness Book of Records once had an entry where somebody managed to bite hard enough to apply 975 pounds of pressure for two seconds! I think that's, what, 4337 Newtons? They could bite through 4337 Fig Newtons! ... Erm, wait.

And that, folks, is why a gnawing fangirl is the most dangerous weapon on Earth.

Speaking of STR, Sniff couldn't stop looking at Kawaii-chan's "stats." Note to self—mace him in the face later.

Comic #7

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