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I still find it odd that the 42nd comic was about Blacksmiths and their Communist tendencies. I didn't even notice the correlation with the number until it was pointed out to me (I've never read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, you see).

At the same time, on the RW Shoutbox, Dingo was detailing how Blacksmiths are better than other classes in their own environment—I'm surprised he didn't say that INT Blacksmiths were better than Acolytes and Mages at healing and magicry!

That building in the background is from North Korea, a tower monument built to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Communist party's ... er ... governing ... there.

I thought it'd be fitting in a way, given that the building has Korean text on it, and well, Ragnarok Online comes from South Korea—and yes, I do know that South Korea and North Korea are two different nations, and that Gravity is a company in South Korea!

I've seen some people assume that the two Koreas were one big communist nation. That made for some ... interesting ... anti-Gravity rants on a few message boards I've viewed in the past. The kind that make you want to mace some people in the face.

Tristar scares me when he goes on those Marxist rants. He really does.

... No, he wasn't one of the people making such a rant! I mean the kind of rants he does here on Ragnarok Wisdom.

Oh, and say hi to Mark Van Exel's new shiny Wizard self!

... I really do think I'm the only first class guy in this comic now. ;_;

Comic #71

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