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This comic idea was suggested by Nth (and Sniffigans suggested teh naem), when I was stuck on what to do for this day's RW. Despite that, I don't think either of them were expecting the direction in which I took their suggestions!

I freely admit, though, that this IS something that bugs me to no end. Builds. Builds. Builds. It's not the concept of planning your stats that bugs me, it's that people will flame other people for using a type of stat build, or a class. There's been a few such "lolz superior" comments in RW's shoutbox and elsewhere that've driven me mad. "*insert build/class here* is SUPERIOR! ^^"

Right. Whatever. Go ahead and think that if you want, but leave those of us who enjoy what we are alone.

It's novel and fun when you play a build that doesn't "play by the rules"—no one said you had to. Sure, classes are designed to benefit from one build or another (in fact, the six first classes represent one of each stat. Think about it. Merchants = VIT, Swordsmen = STR, Thieves = AGI, Mages = INT, Archers = DEX, Acolytes = LUK!), but we can still make our characters what we want them to be.

Just like how I ended the comic ... It doesn't matter how you play the game, so don't agitate others over their builds.

I don't think Nth Power was expecting the Aesop to be so brutally delivered, though. Especially by a muscular man named the Maginator!

He said he wanted to see a fishy female mage with 99 STR. He pines for it, he says.

Does that mean he pines for tuna steaks?

Comic #75

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