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Right then! This is based on a true incident that happened in RO. Someone bugged me for the nth time about the fact I was still an acolyte, wondering why I did not change to priest. This comic is accurate up to the ending—obviously I couldn't actually punish the loser in the face, so I instead opted to give them the three dots and leave.

The person really was a girl, but it was another aco, lower leveled.

As for the comment about this knight being played by a guy, well ... think about it. Guys obsess about boobs more than girls. I mean, er, well, girls KINDA seem concerned about bust size, but Lara Croft was designed by guys. That says something!

... It says that men prefer getting their eyes poked out by triangular boobs!

I think this is the first time that my personal gag, "maced in the face," has appeared in Ragnarok Wisdom. I have no idea why I've never used it before! I mean, I do it all the time. I've been doing it since Beta-1.

As for the comic itself, you might've guessed that this was a followup to Maginator's debut. When you talk about people obsessing over builds, classes are just expected to come up next.

I tend to get a little annoyed with the people who think that you HAVE to advance your class to play the game. Sure, it's what you're meant to do, but Gravity has also left the option open to play as supernovices and perma-first classers.

Sniff the Raven himself, during iRO's PVP periods, showed that first class people are not inferior to that of second classers by besting cookie-cutter Assassins. I expect that if he returns to iRO, his superswordie form will be feared by people everywhere.

Me, I'm not one really for being a front-liner, but as a superaco, I've made myself so I can hold my own, though my main function's support and heal bombing (but not leeching!).

Comic #76

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