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The day just before this day, I was about to work on a different RW idea when I was informed that Sniff's birthday was coming up—I hadn't really been checking the forums, so I didn't catch that, but I'm glad Lacrosse told me!

So today is a special comic for his birthday. I couldn't really think of anything incredibly funny on such a short notice, save for the fact that of late, Sniff has decided to stay a super swordsman, rather than be a crusader as he was originally wanting to be. I figured this'd be a good way to reintroduce his swordsman form.

Sniff didn't really like the Crusader skills, and he hates Knights—having no reason to switch to either class he's decided to stay a super swordie. Up until now, it was assumed that Sniff would become a Crusader built to soak up damage, but the more information and hard facts got out on Crusaders, the less he liked them; so he's staying swordie for the foreseeable future.

That makes about three different incarnations of Sniff: Sniff the Knight (as seen in Burning Time and a cameo in Orbonne's sprite comic, Ruins), Sniff the Crusader (what Sniff has been in the comics until recently), and now Sniff the Swordsman!

I don't think any future second classes, like the rumored Ranger class for swordies, will convince him to switch or change class ... Anyway!

Yeah, in the comic, that IS a chicken cake. It's a cake ... that has a chicken flavor to it. And frosting. And it's shaped like a real chicken. At least, a real cooked chicken. And then there's the bones—those are not just any ORDINARY bones! Those are candy bones mixed with Nth's swordieade.

Sniff's gonna be flexing all night long after he has his cake.

Comic #77

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