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... Huh. I forgot to add the gold necklace Tristan wears in the other panels! D'OH!

Well, I guess we could just say he decided to go without the bling today. There! Problem solved.

For the people who don't know who King Tristan is, he's NOT Tristan Aileron + 60 years with a beer belly and long beard. ... Okay, maybe he is. In actuality, King Tristan (according to the RO World) is the current king of the Rune-Midgard Kingdom, and how he is portrayed in this comic is based off his actual NPC sprite. Lunaris is acting as his adjutant.

How do I know the guy's name is Tristan? That's what one of the "Smile Assistance" NPCs said his name was during Open Beta 3. (For those that don't know, at one point the iRO team celebrated RO's return with a special event that allowed you to easily make a smiling goblin mask.)

A lot of people give their characters the most outrageous names. Tycho and Gabe at Penny Arcade made a comic about people using non-fantasy names in MMORPGs (or games online in general). Hell man, forget that. You don't need to break out the Welsh dictionary. It'd be a miracle if people even used anything that wasn't remotely silly! By that I mean like the stuff shown here—the brackets, underscores or numbers in one's name.

Hell, it's not too hard to take a name like "Joe122" and make it sound like some sort of fantasy name—or at least the number part. "Wantootu." ... That almost sounds like something out of Star Wars. MESA JARJAR WANTOOTU! That's still better than "Joe122" though. I think this comic just about covers all the archetypal silly names one will encounter in an online game. Put some creativity in it, kids!

Comic #79

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