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As the comic says—Harpy Tar, everyone!

No! I don't mean a tar pit full of harpies! I'm referring to a secret from Homestar Runner!

Actually, it's not so much of a secret as something the Brothers Chaps never used, but people discovered.

The Chapstick Duo (Heh) had some sort of mini flash movie that would have loaded into to the menu pages that says "HAPPY T!" Each of the letters could be clicked on to hear a H*R character wish you a happy (American) Thanksgiving. Coach Z's greeting was extremely garbled, thanks to his outrageous accent. It sounds something like "Harpy Tar!"

Given the original purpose of the Harpy Tar, I figured it'd be a good reference ... thingummy ... to use here, today, on Thanksgiving, as the Crusaders of Rune-Midgard embark on their quest to find a pecopeco still alive from Sniff's one-man all you can eat chicken eating buffet bonanza!

This comic also marks the entrance of Gut Funk as an official RW cast member. Everyone shower him with your chicken legs! He'll explode gratuitously if you do.

Why did Gut Funk get pecoized in this comic? Aside from the fact that it's just too perfect for Nth to cause more mischef, it's something Gut Funk actually does (or used to do) at the Prontera Parish! See, Gut Funk used to parade around as a pecopeco. Of late he's preferred to explode gratuitously, but I've never forgotten that—I figured this would be an excellent time to bring it all together!

Both of Gut Funk's schitcks have been added to his skill set here. Therefore he is our resident exploding werepeco!

Sniff doesn't seem to care that his new target has hair. Or swirly eyes completely unlike anything you'd see in a typical pecopeco. All he cares about is that juicy tender chicken-like meat!

And maybe some of the purdy feathers on Grand Gut Funk's backside. He's displaying them like a peacock in that one panel!

Oh, hey! Check it out! Zelse doesn't have his assassin mask on! ...

Hmm. You know, I think he looks better with it on, personally. QUICK! SOMEONE GET SOME SUPERGLUE AND OR SURGICAL THREADS!

AND LOOK! THE MAGINATOR IS BACK! This makes fourteen people who've appeared in the Tar-key(fu?) day comic.

Once again—HARPY TAR!!11

Comic #80

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