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This comic was inspired by some things that Sniff the Raven said in an IM to me, about being able to insert cards to things other than weapons and armor (of which are pretty ambigious when it comes to RO... after all, with golf clubs for weapons, and panties for armor... yeah.). So, you've got him to thank for the idea of the comic.

You'll notice that the number of people featured in this comic is actually much larger than is featured in the opening.



Saint Damien's the perfect man to wield the Spoon of Hiding in more ways than one. I don't just mean because he's already been the crux of several Matrix movie jokes, but because in the Prontera Parish he's known as "The Lurker" for his habit of keeping to the background and observing things.

Such stealthy silverweare surely supports sly sightseeing!

Concerning the Erudite Toilet joke, I had some reservations doing this; as fun as perverse toilet humor is, I want to diversify the humor profile of Ragnarok Wisdom!

On the other hand, it was just too good to pass up, making a joke about the porcelain throne giving intelligence to people. The guy sitting on the can isn't meant to really be anyone. If you want to you can say it's an RO GM (given he's wearing white and has a hairstyle that was meant for GMs back in Alpha... I think), but when I was drawing I was thinking more of Aristotle.

I'm not sure if that quote "I think, therefore I am" is from Aristotle. I think it's from Descartes ... if that's how you spell his name. Probably forgot some accented letters. I don't know! I'm not into heavy metal accents!

Yeah! You heard me! I called Descartes heavy metal! I'm sure even Motzart had an umlat or two in his name back then. It was the fashionable thing to do!

To state the obvious! The gray, ashy person standing behind Sniff in this final panel here IS supposed to be the same guy that got blown up--whoevever he is.

Comic #81

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