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I don't think there's anyone in RO who doesn't know the insanity people deal with concerning Old Blue Boxes—but I know this comic is read by some people who have never played RO (or at least, recent versions of RO), so I'll give a quick rundown.

Old Blue Boxes, by Open Beta-2 (I believe) were enabled, which are rare items that can be used to obtain any item—any item at ALL—in the game. That goes to rare armor and weapons that aren't implemented in RO (yet), or common items you sell for some pocket change.

Because of that possibility, OBBs are not only very rare but fetch a pretty Penny From Heaven (Afterlife reference! Go Afterlife!), to a million zeny upwards—and someone who blows their cash on these rares may wind up getting sorely disappointed.

It really is a job finding these suckers, too—they're as rare, or rarer than weapon/armor cards, and you have to go to perilous places to hunt them, like the Matyr-infested first floor of the Sphinx.

I heard something about another new "random item generating item" called the Old Violet Box. I don't know how it'll differ from the Old Blue Box, but it'll probably be as crazy making as its dusty brethren. Or maybe it's already in RO by the time I've updated the site ... Who knows? I haven't gotten back to RO yet ...

Yup, and there's Kawaii-chan again. It was Sniff's idea to have her appear here, getting the lucky drop that our protagonistic heroes utterly lacked.

Sniff and Nth really help me out with ideas and such. Shout outs to ya both!

... Hmm. You know, guys, I think we finally figured out what stat makes up the bulk of Kawaii-chan's bouncy qualities, if you get my drift. It's LUK!

... Um, okay, that opens up a whole new avenue of lewd jokes and I'm not traveling down it!




Comic #82

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