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Today, I wanted to convey some findings about the RO world I've found interesting! (No, not the community named RO-world, but the world of Ragnarok Onlne!)

Expect some pretty big walls of text here, because this is going to take a lot of explanation. I think you may find the findings of interest, though, and if not, you can report them to the Lost and Found booth so someone else may find the findings. And hopefully they'll find them intriguing!

It's my opinion that Ragnarok Online suffers from "RPG World Syndrome," where the world is the physical size of the moon or even smaller, and there's only a handful of towns on the entire planet. These towns often have only a dozen inhabitants. You see this syndrome a LOT in console games, especially Final Fantasy.

Keep in mind that RO itself is not like Myung-Jin Lee's manhwa, even though the game is supposed to be based on it. Given what I know now about RO (that Gravity KR has had the intention of making the RO world cutsey and chibi-style all the time), I've gotten the impression that Gravity wanted to make everything in the world, not just the style, super deformed and "assumed" with cutsey little chibi towns (Geffen and its road cone sized tower, anyone?) and so on.

In the actual manhwa series, Prontera and Morroc are huge mothers. I would say they're the size of London back in the 1600s, maybe even bigger. All of the towns are big, and the lands we've seen so far that comprise Midgard (which is Rune-Midgard in RO) itself are, from my estimate, the size of Europe.

Whatta big difference when you look at the world of Ragnarok Online!

So I actually went out and guesstimated the size of the RO world—at least, the Rune Midgard kingdom which is mostly Beta-1 era maps—and fund out just how tiny the most important human country in the RO world is.

By the way, those two guys poking their heads out on the side of the second biiiig panel—that's John Bull and Uncle Sam, the mascots (if I can call them that) of the United Kingdom and United States, respectively. I was gonna have them say something funnier, but I couldn't think of anything that couldn't be taken to mean something wrong (which would not have been my intention). I left them there anyway just to be random!

One final note...

Comic #83

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