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Here's the start of yet another miniseries, where cast members plumb the depths of the psyche of their fellow castmates in Ragnarok Wisdom, discover their worst fears, and exploit them in the form of various pranks!

I bet a lot of you have just read the panel where I say "that's just the female mages." I have nicknames for various classes based on gender, and I call female mages "fish." (I'm sure you can figure out why!)

Historically, Baylan Cave has been a hot spot for mages and wizards, and you'd often see flocks of femmy mages slaughtering the local sea life. Since it'd probably reek of fish down in the caves, and fishy female mages are abundant there ... you get the idea.

(That was actually something I said aloud to a group of female mages in the caves once, by the way, and it started the whole thing of magesses being fish. "Boy, it smells like fish, and I don't see any sea life around!" I'm surprised I didn't die right then and there from magical nukes of indignation!)

Anyway, so much for the fishy fish. Flap flap flap.

Yes, in the past, Nth Power really did have a fear of fishbones. Recently he's told me that he's been able to look at fishbones without having the irrational fear that follows, which is good to know!

To my knowledge this never actually happened in RO, though you could see something like this happening. Nth's been around in RO long enough to know the existence of them fishboney megalodons, and I don't believe he's ever commented on them. (We were even down in the 'caves once.)

Originally I planned to cut off this comic right when Nth was taken down to see the megalodons, but I think the whole "it's a nightmare" thing makes it a tad funnier. Or maybe a little confusing. Or both!

You probably can't see it here, but when I was editing this picture of Prontera for a night scene, I made large ash craters near the culverts and also rubbed out a building this way—a throwback to screenChaos005.

Comic #84

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