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This is, for the most part, a true story. At least, up to the part where MVE takes matters into his own hands, as it were. Gut Funk and I really did have a conversation in an IRC channel about this. I think it may even be verbatim, though I don't have any logs of it. (They all got burned down. ;_; )

But yeah, seriously, why the hell DO female thieves wear them giant red bows? It's like Zelse and his bunny ears. If you're trying to steal or kill someone in secret, why wear things that will get someone's attention?

Okay, so I suppose wearing provocative clothing and having giant red bows strategically placed to disorient perverted guys would work, but then, not everyone is a perverted guy! Maybe the Thieves' Guild just sends femme thieves out to steal from guys exclusively ...

As you already can see, Fillia from Everlasting Wanderers is cameoed here. At least in Everlasting Wanderers, she's "the default thief" with a pyromania twist, so she just *has* to be in a comic like this!

I did get permission from Spinny and Fillia before I started on this, and I told them exactly what the comic would be about, and they consented, so.

That shot of a female thief showing off her bows is actually from an official RO wallpaper, from one of the early sets of wallpapers that feature a male and female default first level class together in front of a city background.

Trivial information rules, duddn't it?

Oh, if you didn't figure it out yet, yes, that's Sniff and Lunaris being tormented by El Blargo there. It's vague, but then, who else would El Blargo enjoy burning like so much firewood? Knights and Swordsmen have that slow burning quality that lasts you for hours and hours ... er... ehem. Gut Funk, on the other hand, is a human hand grenade. Exploding has been one of his many shticks, though he tends to change them from time to time—Gut Funk as he is portrayed in Ragnarok Wisdom retains all of his infamous old-school shticks as well as some of his more recent crazymaking things he does.

In closing, today's comic was brought to you by the words pooridj and fdoort!

Comic #86

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