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I just kind of made this comic up as I went along! I had no real idea in mind, so I just went with the first few things that popped in my head.

Sniff's little funny here with the noisemaker is some self-referential humor on Sniff's behalf. Sniff used to make it a shtick, drawing attention to his 1 INT point, doing silly things and such.

Okay, the scene with the Masterring being dropped into a needle ... I'm not TOO sure if everyone will get that, because I don't know if the ball-dropping tradition is followed outside the United States—or at least New York City. Over here in the 'States the countdown to the new year is timed with a ball slowly descending to the ... well, base of whatever it's descending on. When it explodes or goes out or whatever it does for that particular year, the new year's number lights up below. I thought immediately of parodizing it with a masterring being pricked by a needle—and look! It's frowning like Beige!

And of course, when you ask El Blargo to provide the confetti, you're just asking for trouble. This guy will always find an excuse to use his spells of mass destruction.

Well, I guess it's coitans for 2003.

See you in the future, West Coast! Bwahahaha!

Comic #89

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