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Beady eyes ...

All I see are a sea of beady eyes ...

My eyes sea into the see of beady eyes ...



Back on topic!

I like the way the old Crusader's armor and cape came out. It's smoov.

I think this might be a bit too much of an iRO-specific joke given that I get readers from every corner of the globe, but then again, this is an iRO-based webcomic.

Like I said, I do realize that I'm getting a lot of readers from the other language services, and even people who've never played RO at all.

In short, that may make this comic unfunny unless you know some things. The joke in this comic is a play on words—in English, the phrase "2-2" (two-two) sounds a lot like "tutu."

So, everyone's expecting the 2-2 classes to finally be updated in iRO, and yet they all get ballerina dresses.

That's the other thing—here in iRO, (at least as of this date, January 10th 2004), we do not have the 2-2 classes like most of the other language servers. Gravity LLC is still trying to get enough money to buy all the other episode feature packages from Gravity KR.

We're getting there, though. We got Turtle Island a while back, and we just got War of Emperium.

... Alright, I'm gonna call it here.

They should totally make Ballet Dancer the next class for Dancers.

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