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This one just popped into my head after people were discussing pets in the Ragnarok Wisdom IRC channel. After some thinking on how to approach the punchline, I decided to make it an unofficial sequel to Lenz and Nth Power's antics with a fake Azoth.

You know, I still need to bring Nth's clicky pen back. What? No! I didn't borrow it! I mean "bring back" as in "feature it in another comic!" Lenz is the guy with the sticky fingers, not me!

Never you mind that Lenz was the one who bought the fake Azoth in the first place! His fingers are still sticky! He's a Thief! They all have sticky hands!

It's kind of funny when you think how game mechanics are meant to symbolize or represent some sort of concept, but if taken literally it doesn't make sense. Like here with the inability to wield a knife because it's a pet taming item and not a proper weapon. An arbitrary rule is all that's stopping Lenz from using it to stab people!

Well ... I guess the same could be said with any weapon class, really. But still!

Hmm. You know what? Thinking about it, it is a SILVER Knife of Chastity, right? Silver alone isn't very strong for wetwork. I think. I mean, yeah, pure silver (and 90%+ silver alloy) is used for cutlery, but for stuff like chef's knives, they use complex alloys of other metals.

I don't know! I'm not a chemist! Nth Power's the chemist, not me! He cleariy is more knowledgeable on this subject!

... Well, wait, no. Nth Power might be a chemist but he's no blacksmith. For that we'll have to consult Tristar, but we'll never get an answer out of him. All he'll do is rant about the Right Season Worker's party. ;_;

Well, crap! IT SHALL REMAIN A MYSTERY. ... Until I go to the library!

Now, what's all this about Pop Tarts and why is Sniff saying that while he helps Lunaris and Tristan give Lenz a visual aid?

At the time this is something Sniff the Raven has been going nuts with in the RW IRC channel. It comes from a recording of Robin Williams goofing off during Live on Broadway. That's the exact sound clip he gave me.

Of late, he's been playing that sound effect while saying "POP TARTS! :3" ... soon after which he will go berserk in whatever he's doing while screaming, all in text. He's even liable to do it in games, too! Every time he does it he winds up leaving me in giggle fits!

Aaand Lenz finally gets it. Yes, Lenz, THAT'S why they call it a knife of "chastity." Har har.

Comic #93

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