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This one's subject has been in a long time in coming, I'll say that much. I never had an idea written down specifically, but I always wanted to do a comic about the iROer guys who are so blined by their testosterone that ... well ... they get like dogs in heat. Hump anything that moves.

I've heard and have quite a few stories to tell about such people! For example, take me. I'm a male Acolyte. A MALE. And yet somehow, I GET HIT ON BY PEOPLE WHO THINK I'M A GIRL!

I kid you not, it actually happened to me during one of iRO's Open Betas! Several times!

"What the—?! Can't you tell this is male Acolyte clothing?!"

*awkward pause*

"well ur a very handsome boy then"

Now here's the fun part. These people are going nuts and wanting to sexor people based on the sprites representing them in the game.

They walk up to a female sprite and ask for sex, or marriage, or that they're in love, WITHOUT EVER HAVING MET THE GIRL IN REAL LIFE. Wait, I mean, "GIRL." After all ... somebody's appearance in an online game has little to no relation to what they really look like in real life, or even what their gender is.

I sure as hell don't look like a cutsey acolyte with a slight deranged tint when it comes to real life! Or ... maybe I do. But I'm brown haired. I'd make a better magician, I think.

Actually, Zelse kinda looks like a default male archer. I'M SERIOUS! Get that boy a male archer costume and he could do live action Ragnarok Online episodes! "I AM... ZELSEOLAS THE ARCHER. FEAR THE STING OF MY ARROWS MADE FROM CEDARRRR."

Or not. Back to the subject at hand! Guys hit on female sprites and ask for sex without ever getting to KNOW the supposed girl - for all you know it's a guy! Many guys take advantage of the rather gullible nature of those male iRO players who think with the other head, after all. Actually that's a general online gaming thing. Anyway.

Sniff the Raven had a real sad and hilarious story—a guy and girl meet on RO, and a thing gets going (far as I can tell Gravity's encouraging RO to be used this way). Here's the kicker: they meet in real life. The guy just wants to screw her brains out. No relationship. Sex. Yes. You heard me. All he wants out of a real life meeting is sex.


It's instances like these where I can't wait until they make "realistic" pleasure droids or something for these frustrated guys who need something to take it out on. Leave the girls and guys pretending to be girls alone! They never did any harm to you! ;_;

I think that about covers that!

Comic #95

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