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This comic's based on a shoutbox entry a certain sugar-hyped girl (AKA Evy-chan) added a while ago (as of this comic the Shoutbox was taken out back and Maginator'd after it outlived its usefulness).

This WAS going to include Evy ranting almost word for word like in her Shoutbox post, but after a bit I thought that Kawaii-chan might fit this role better (and the usual gang of funsters I consult about RW agreed). That's not all, though! With this comic comes a slight change in personality for our resident fangirl novice!

Or rather, a change in personal vocabulary!

See, one reason why I've rarely used Kawaii-chan up until now is because she's very hard to write for when it comes to comic scripts, since she's supposedly unable to speak English anymore ... and, well. That's a bit of an issue, since I personally know even less Japanese than the average fangirl!

Besides, I don't think this comic would have worked nearly as well if Kawaii-chan spoke entirely in broken fangirl Japanese.

So now, even though Kawaii-chan says English words and phrases, she's still sprinking it at random with Japanese replacements.

She's just on this side of the border of intelligibility!

... Heh. Intelligibility. That word sounds like "intelligent hillbillies."

... You know ... I wonder if the Androsynth in Star Control are like space bishounen ...

Comic #96

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