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Ragnarok Wisdom often tapdances on the line between characters acting as actual people living in a world named Midgard, and the players behind the characters acting like they're in a Ragnarok version of .hack//SIGN, but today the juxtaposition is especially strong!

Orbonne speaks as if he's really a church worker and yet you got a merchant with an RO vending window there.

Yeah, I know, it's the CHAT window that people usually display DC/OC adverts in, but heck.

People can display DC/OC in a vend window too, right?


Stop mocking me! ;_;

... Boy, wouldn't it suck if this were really the case in Ragnarok Online? How many people do you think would actually qualify to be Priests after a test like this?

... Well, I guess that doesn't reflect too well on me either, given my preference for being a superaco ... BUT STILL.

Anyway, I hope that this one tickled everyone's funnybone!

When I gave Nth Power the script for this comic to review, he told me that the art would make or break this one.

I know that my art isn't that spectacular (hell, I was openly flamed on the Phillipines RO boards by some angsty person saying that my stuff should be burned! XD ) but I tried to do what I could with the time I had.

Which is the story with every RW, basically!

Comic #97

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