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Over the years, this cast page grew from a brief list of crazy guildsmen into a list worthy of any feature film!

The funny thing is, when I originally wrote this list, it touched on a lot of things about the real people behind the characters (or at least, those characters who are real people) and not so much on how they've been depicted in the comic.

Some day I gotta get around to correcting this!

Or maybe I'll leave it as testament to the way these people actually acted in RO! Decisions, decisions ...

So, you want to know what really happened with the cast of Ragnarok Wisdom, behind the scenes?

Well, I can tell you this; one time, they all drank punch and fell off the side of a tree.

What were they doing drinking punch up there?

Darned if I know. I bet Nth Power had something to with that. He's always making things go explodey. Except that the punch didn't go boom. It made us go boom. ... Sorta.

... And this one time, at Acolyte camp ...
A Wall of Text
Cast of Characters
| Main Cast | RO NPCs | Others |
| Manhwa Cameos | Other Cameos |

Ragnarok Wisdom hosts enough characters that we could probably get everyone on a school bus and take a field trip involving massive damage whenever the group splits up. It's kind of like nuclear fission, only with people and a lot of highly destructive spells.

Anyway! This page keeps tally of characters who've "starred" in at least more than one comic; that is to say, they've had a cast icon at the top of a comic signifying they're not just a background cameo or something.

The Main Cast
Here's the usual gang! These guys will show up in comics at least every now and then.

Aragan (the Acolyte)
The guy you can all blame for Ragnarok Wisdom's existence! One of the early members of a guild called Crusaders of Rune-Midgard. More than a tad eccentric. Likes to mace things IN THE FACE!!
  Tristan Aileron
The current leader of the Crusaders of Rune-Midgard, and one of its four founders. A Swordsman Crusader Paladin. Most of his family are members of CoRM, but Aragan suspects that Tristan just has a multiple personality syndrome ... with nine personalities.
Sniff the Raven
Another one of CoRM's four founders, he's a Superswordie (ex-Crusader ... don't ask) who has an over-fondness for Pecopeco. None of the birds are safe if he's around, as he's likely to at the nearest one while screaming "CHICKEEEEEEEEEEEEENN!!!"
The guy who organized the Crusaders of Rune-Midgard, and thus one of its four founders. He's got an odd way of spelling things, is prone to acting like a drill sergeant, and often calls Aragan "God's Boy." Also is on a mission to destroy every last poring, believing them to be aliens.
Nth Power
If it fizzes, foams, and causes strange unexplainable effects, Alchemists made it happen. If it explodes,
Nth Power certainly made it happen. A prankster, he's always putting his alchemic knowledge to nefarious ends.
  Tristar Aileron
Tristan Aileron's baby bro, and treasurer of the guild. Has a collection of odd hats, and goes through a long ceremonial process to blacksmith stuff. You gotta see it. It's really cool. He's also a communist. (SSH!)
Mark Van Exel
100% full time voyeur wizard. Or something like that. This guy has his picture next to the definition of "Wild and Crazy." He also enjoys freezing and then shattering wildlife with Frost Diver and Lightning Bolts.
  Gut Funk
Once a superarcher, he is now the second bard ever on iRO Chaos ... or 2.5, depending on who you ask. He loves to eat paste, explode randomly, and also is a werepeco. Yes, that's right, a werepeco.
Novvy the Novice
If there's an avatar for the clueless, unintelligible RO player who never learns, it's Novvy the Novice. He's always looking for a machine gun. Don't ask what he'd do if he ever found one. It's best no one asks.
Novvy's female counterpart. Expect to see her a few times, since she's the other embodiment of RO players ... that is, she's a Japanophile. She often uses what little Japanese she "knows" over English.
When one thinks of an assassin in RO, they'd probably think of a brooding, gothic cold-blooded killer who strikes in the night. Let's hope they never meet Zelse; he's so emotional he'll burst into tears over anything. He's also infamous for "Dance Dance Zelse."
Lenz is the purveyor of all that is strange and disturbing. Somehow, Aragan has this thing of getting Zelse and Lenz mixed up. Maybe it's because their names almost look like the reverse of the other, or because they were once both thieves ...
Sir Hawkeye
Most of you should know this guy: he's the dude who makes Portal Hopping! Aside from being the man of many classes, he likes engineering; in other words, this boy's Nth Power with a wrench.
  Saint Damien
Self-styled as "The Lurker," Saint Damien has a tendency to do just that; sit back and observe events as they happen. He has a severe phobia of what he calls "Douglas" ... that is, Brilight and Stemworm.
Some see the glass as being too empty, or too full. Talien sees the glass as being too big. When Talien was an Acolyte, he was known as "The Assholyte," due to his intolerance to lamers and his skills at warping them to Glast Heim.
  El Blargo
If you've watched Burning Time, you've got this guy to thank for watching Sniff and Lunaris combust and scream like a bunch of maniacs. He lives to burn things ... people, underpants drawers, anything. Fier.
He calls himself the "Tundra Swordsman," but he really should be called the "Alt-tabbing Swordsman." He has the odd quirk of often alt-tabbing and going AFK, especially in dangerous areas.
This was originally Neko-san (the fourth founder of CoRM), but now he's a Crusader (and yes, this one's a permanent change). He's always questioning things that defy logic, which gets him into a lot of pain.
Rudolph Ravioli
Otherwise known as Kurushimi (or Kuddy) to most, Rudolph Ravioli is an incomprehensible swordsman. He never speaks clear English, but rather speaks in completely off-the-wall phrases that are eerily relevant.
  Suzuran Majere
He may look like a female wizard, but don't be fooled! He's a MAN, baby! One of many masquerading men in the RO world. You'd think he'd regret doing it, what with all the horny "love at first sight" guys out there!

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NPCs from Ragnarok Online
A number of non-player characters from Ragnarok Online itself have also made it into the comics a few times! Those that got to star in a comic or several are listed here.

Father Maruweiss
One of the high-ranking clerics of the Prontera Church, whose responsibility includes testing novices worthy of clerichood by sending them out on a hike through deadly territory. Tends to be serious and stoic.
  Thieves' Guild Leader
Ever met a dude who has a fetish for urinating on things to mark his territory? Or loves to lynch people? Well, you have now! The leader of the Thieves' Guild tells his heal-plzing thieves to urinate everywhere.
King Tristan (Er... Tristram the Third)
No, it's not Tristan Aileron with 50 more pounds and several decades on him. This is the name of the king of Rune-Midgard! He's often missing from the throne, however. One has to wonder what he's up to ...
She's a class change NPC! She's a server! She's both! She carries the dead off to Valhalla, but in RO she also rebirths people into trans classes. Must be related to Valkyrie Profile's Lenneth, Silmeria, and Hrist.

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Other People Who've Starred In RW
These are people who starred as the main cast in one comic or another, but aren't a part of the regular main cast. Also includes people who, for one reason or another, were part of the main cast, but aren't now.

Sun Wukong Clearwater
One of the first people to ever appear in Ragnarok Wisdom (along with Aragan), Sun Wukong is a member of the Prontera Parish. He, amazingly, does not have a strong heal as a cleric—and always loses his hat.
It's (one of) the founders of the Merchant Guild! She's a sassy blacksmith-ess who also deals in the illegal blue pot trade. Watch out, Magdalena! The Royal Prontera Constabulary has you on the Most Wanted!
Saint Bomber (Orbonne DeArc)
The esteemed leader of the Prontera Parish!
Since Aragan is a member of the Parish, you'll wind up seeing this guy, and other Parishoners, many times over. Oh, and he hates fabres.
One of the other CoRM members who appeared during the first RW Thanksgiving comic. In CoRM she's infamous for her cutespeak, puffball anime smilies, the word "shat," and the "bunny bazooka launcher."
Alexielle Kentras
Another CoRMer, she is somewhat like Neko-(Japanese Suffix) in that she can't decide on a hair color or hair style. She's changed it like a dozen times. She also gnaws on guys to claim them as her territory.
  Neko-(Japanese Suffix)
First he was an archer, then a thief, then he became a girl and was an acolyte, knight and mage, then briefly a male hunter, back to a female knight and is now a male archer again. Will it ever stop?! Who knows!
Father Duck
Another member of the Prontera Parish, Father Duck is also known as "Captain Duck." He is infamous for his preferences to monks and battle priests, and often makes Zen-like "mmmmmmhhhs" when in thought.
Your typical blacksmith who has a slightly bigger ego than his ability to take on monsters—but is still loved by all the (real?) women in RO! He does (or did) the webcomic "An Epic Story" over at RO Comic Central.
Another person who hangs around the CoRM and Prontera Parish. She's a hunter who has this thing of screaming "OMGNOOB!" at random periods of time. She also likes dispensable candies ... a lot.
This girl's actually from Spinny's comic, Everlasting Wanderers. She's a thief who's obsessed with double-slash, and her zippo lighter. Her pastime includes burning porings and um ... ... Well, burning porings.
Another character cameo from Everlasting Wanderers, this time by the main character herself! Rumor has it that Kuumei is really Spinny. Sounds like Tristan and Suzuran're in real good company, eh? Poor Bob!
  Spinny (Go Spin!)
Aragan's rival fellow comic author! He's the author of Everlasting Wanderers. Both started their comics at roughly at the same place and time, so they have their own kind of snowball fight. With zombie teeth.

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Cameos from the Ragnarok Manhwa
As you may know, Ragnarok Online is (loosely) based on Ragnarok, a South Korean graphic novel (manhwa) series by Myung-Jin Lee. Some of its characters have shown up here a few times!

The hero from Ragnarok, and originally the namer for many RO servers! He's a Rune Knight from Payon, but later finds out that he's also Balder, and a Dragon Knight. Tends to call people trying to kill him "friends."
  Iris Irene
The leading heroine, a rune-wielding Cleric, and daughter of the leader of Payon, Lord Irene! She and Chaos are love interests. Has it out for a certain thief treasure hunter that stole her Blue Dragon Sword.
Loki used to play second banana to Chaos as the namer of many (legit) servers. He's a stoic, cold-blooded killer who has no remorse for hurting or killing others. Just what every iRO assassin wants to be.
He's the guy that Sakray servers are named after. A major recurring villain, he's known as the "Cursed Prosecutor." His soul's bound to a demonic sword that drains the blood of victims and copies their abilities.
Assassin Master
In the original graphic novel series by Myung-Jin Lee, this old man was the leader of the Assassin's Guild. His pastime includes shouting Chaos' name in disbelief, then getting stabbed in the back while distracted.

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Cameos That Aren't RO-Related
Ragnarok Wisdom's also had a few recurring characters who have no relation to Ragnarok Online. If they show up often enough, they'll be listed here!

It's the master of the Unlocking Art himself! Key-Fu is a wandering monk that is not of the Ragnarok Online world. He enjoys wandering the countryside to sharpen his training and cause lots of casualties.
  F Gattaca
Aragan's counterpart in the Phantasy Star universe. Well, sorta. He's an android (CAST) that talks like a Texan and loves gunslinging ... with submachine guns. Unknowingly shares his name with a sci-fi movie.
Codon Alicia
Another Phantasy Star Universe character. She is
F Gattaca's Partner Machine. It's like having your own Kafra and Blacksmith in the form of a three-foot tall ravenous gynoid. (That's "female android," by the way!)
It was going to happen eventually, what with half of CoRM being fans of the Touhou series! Cirno's a fairy from Gensokyo with the ability to manipulate ice. All you need to know is that INT is her dump stat.

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Ragnarok Wisdom is © 2002 Irish Lightning Studios.
This notice does not imply any exclusive right to preexisting material by other authors featured in Ragnarok Wisdom.

Ragnarok Online is © 2001 Gravity Corp. All Rights Reserved.
Ragnarok: Into the Abyss is © 1995 Myung-Jin Lee. All Rights Reserved.

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