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If you're gonna have a community, then you're gonna get a chat room sooner or later. It's like this unwritten law of web communities, and hey, that's fine by me!

After the comic launched, I set up an IRC channel for fans of Ragnarok Wisdom and the cast members as well as friends of the cast members and friends of their friends, and friends of their friends of the people who starred on Friends.

... er, wait.

AHEM. Point is, if you want to come idle with us (for IRC channels are renowned for their idling!) then read up on how to join!
A Wall of Text
Ragnarok Wisdom's Official IRC Chatroom
| Channel Guide | Channel Rules and FAQ |
| CTCP SOUND FAQ | Channel Statistics |

Ragnarok Wisdom has an official community channel on an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server, EsperNet. To get there, you have to use an IRC client.

If you already have an IRC client and know how to use it, just head on over to #ragnarokwisdom once you connect to irc.esper.net. If you'd like to hang out with us, but don't have an IRC client, you can use EsperNet's online client or follow the directions below.

How to Connect to the Ragnarok Wisdom IRC Channel

Step One:
First, you need to have an IRC client, or a program that can connect to IRC servers. These directions use mIRC, so you'll want to get that. After you're familiar with how to use mIRC, you may want to check out other programs like X-Chat.

Once you've downloaded and installed mIRC, open it.

Step Two:
Once you start mIRC, you'll probably see a notice to register mIRC if you haven't registered it as well as two windows inside the mIRC window itself. In the one with the title bar mIRC Options, enter a nickname (and an alternative nickname in case your first pick is taken).

Make sure "New Server Window" is unchecked, then click OK (not the Connect button).

Step Three:
The mIRC Options window will disappear, leaving you with a blank window. In the text bar, type:

/server irc.esper.net

Then hit enter. Automatically, you will connect to EsperNet. If for some reason it doesn't work, mIRC may be trying to connect to a part of esper.net that isn't working. If that happens, type the following and hit enter:


Then, try connecting to a specific part of esper.net by using the name of one of the servers listed here on EsperNet's own servers page.

One of them should work.

If you've successfully connected, a bunch of text will scroll by--this is all information about the IRC server you've joined, including rules of conduct for using EsperNet in general. Wait for it to stop scrolling, then type:

/join #ragnarokwisdom

A new window should pop up. You're in! Now that you're in the channel, take the time to read the Channel Rules and FAQ. It's important that you do.


Ragnarok Wisdom is © 2002 Irish Lightning Studios.
This notice does not imply any exclusive right to preexisting material by other authors featured in Ragnarok Wisdom.

Ragnarok Online is © 2001 Gravity Corp. All Rights Reserved.
Ragnarok: Into the Abyss is © 1995 Myung-Jin Lee. All Rights Reserved.

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