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It's a good thing that we don't have to lick stamps and envelopes anymore just to send mail!

Well, okay, that's just for e-mail. Still gotta do it for snail mail. (eww)

Then again ... If we had to lick our mail to send it, then spammers would have to lick their spam mail too. That would actually be a just dessert!
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Contact Aragan!

I'd be glad to hear input and feedback!
Here's where you can do it:

I'm not giving spammers any hints! Load the image!

If you mention "Ragnarok Wisdom" or "RW" in the subject line, it'll make it easier for me to distinguish fan mail and feedback from all the other mail I get. Here's some things I'd definitely want to hear about:

Fanworks, Guest Comics, and Comic Exchanges
I'm always glad to get these! Be sure to mention which one it is you're sending me (or proposing in the case of comic exchanges) in the subject line, too.

With guest comics, about the only requirement I have is that you keep the width of the comic within 460 pixels; other than that, I'm cool with the rest! You can send me your guest comics in .JPG, .GIF, .PNG or even .SWF format (if you're doing a flash animation). ComicCMS can handle those formats.

If you're sending me something fanwork-related, be sure to include the preferred title for your artwork and what name or alias you want to be known by on the gallery.

Oh, one other thing—if your fanwork is demeaning (it wouldn't be much of a "fan" work if it is!), sexually explicit, or really violent, I won't put it up on the site. As a rule of thumb; if I didn't "go there" in the comic, I probably won't want to display it in the Fanworks section.

Reporting Broken Links and Site Issues
Be sure to let me know if you see a broken link somewhere on the site (if I haven't noted that it is broken, that is) or any bugs and issues with the site itself. I'm just one guy doing all this, so problems can and do slip by my notice!

If you're writing about a broken link or site bug report, be sure to put that in the subject line. Something like "Broken Link on RW Site" would work just fine.

Reporting Typos and Other Writing Malfunctions
I'll take reports on this, too! Just don't treat me like I'm Novvy. D:

While we're on the subject,
here's some things I'd rather not get mail on:

Private Servers
Please do not mail me asking me for information on them, or trying to invite me to join one. I'm not interested, for which I have my reasons.


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