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Webcomics, in many ways, are like restaurant menus. See, you've got all these big main courses. You order something and you're bound to get a LOT of it (unless it's one of those restaurants that makes you pay a little for a lot).

And then after (or before!) that, you have "appetizers" that are pretty much main courses in and of themselves.

And if you try to eat both a main course AND an appetizer, your gut will likely burst! Unless you have a stomach like— I dunno, Yoshi or something.

Well, this page of Extra Stuff could be considered the "appetizer menu" to Ragnarok Wisdom's "main course" of comics. And, hopefully, if you read both the comics as well as these, you'll bust a gut ... from laughter!

Actually, wait, don't bust a gut. I don't want to kill my readership!
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Extra Entertainment!
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The Grand Photo Album
I'm a photoholic. I will screenshot anything and everything, for the vaguest of reasons. Therefore, I have a ton of screenshots from every version of RO.

Shame I didn't play in Alpha test when I first heard about it...

Anyway, here's an archive of all the screenshots I have. Mind you, I'm not posting up the exact image as it was taken—I don't have the webspace to plaster several thousand 640x480 pictures up here. And let's not talk about bandwidth!

Therefore, the screenshots you see will be edited for size; only the interesting snippets will be there. Sometimes a series of screenshots will be made into one collage; people's text may be cut-and-pasted from the buffer window to above their heads in many cases (you can usually tell if the text windows are not the same size as a regular RO text blurb above someone's head, or if the background looks different).

But believe me, all these screenshots are real!

... Just thought you'd like to know that before you look!

Open Beta-1 ( March 12, 2002 ~ July 2002 )
Part One - The First Two Weeks (Check it out!)

And here we are from the beginning! These are my first two weeks playing Ragnarok Online, and here you can see me first meeting with the group that is now known as the Crusaders of Rune-Midgard. Experience what life was like without having to worry about cards, upgrades, slotted equipment or leveling up!

Part Two - Taking Loki By Storm (Does Not Exist)
These would have been the screenshots from when the Rainbow Wings (the party name used by CoRM members, coined by Tristan) went to Loki after iRO shut down to add said server for the first time. Unfortunately, I no longer have these due to a computer crash—all of them gone. There MAY be a chance that one of my friends still has the archive or some of them stashed away... but it looks as if these're gone permanently.

Open Beta-2 ( July 17, 2002 ~ July 30, 2002 )
Things Get Sassy (Check it out!)

Ah, the infamously short-lived Beta-2. This is the first appearance of the first second classes (Knight, Priest, Wizard, Blacksmith, Assassin, Hunter), as well as the (working) cards, upgrading equipment, and dungeons like Ant Hell and the Coal Mine. RO didn't change significantly for a year after that!

Closed Beta-1 ( December 1, 2002 ~ February 17, 2003 )
Closed Beta-2 ( February 21, 2003 ~ March 29, 2003 )

Rise of the Penumaniacs (Check it out!)

...And after months of wondering if iRO was shut down for good, Gravity announces a closed beta. This was a LOT better than the open betas, with most of the lamers gone. Around this time, CoRM officially became a guild, too. Though a lot of lamers were gone, that didn't mean bad stuff stopped happening, as this beta soon proved. There were still DB griefers trying to score as many dead bodies as they could, and the entire fiasco with lamers ruining the Novice Olympics... oy. Well, I still managed to have lots of fun.

There's not too many screenshots of my time in Closed Beta-2, because I didn't play much then (got busy with other things). So, the Closed Beta screenies are presented together.

Open Beta-3 ( May 7, 2003 ~ June 1, 2003 )
Back To Square 555
(Sorry, not up yet!)
Sheesh, and I used to think that the lamerage in CB2 was bad! I finally got reminded of what it was like in Beta-2, and realized how I was so used to the relatively quietness of the closed betas. Ah, well. CoRM struggled to survive in an environment full of lag and people from certain RO communities with multiple bot accounts intending to DoS the server.

Episode 1.5 - Attack Of Pay To Play ( June 1, 2003 ~ July 5, 2003)
Or Is That Episode 1.7?
(Sorry, not up yet!)
And here we are! Finally, Gravity makes iRO a commercial service after practically a year and a half of having betas of every color. Things should finally get better... At this point, I was just hoping that we would catch up to kRO and the other servers. Unfortunately, script kiddies decided to violate the servers—this was enough for me to take a break from iRO. I was planning to return in a month, but that turned out to be half a year and counting due to having my time eaten up by other things...


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