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Webcomics, in many ways, are like restaurant menus. See, you've got all these big main courses. You order something and you're bound to get a LOT of it (unless it's one of those restaurants that makes you pay a little for a lot).

And then after (or before!) that, you have "appetizers" that are pretty much main courses in and of themselves.

And if you try to eat both a main course AND an appetizer, your gut will likely burst! Unless you have a stomach like— I dunno, Yoshi or something.

Well, this page of Extra Stuff could be considered the "appetizer menu" to Ragnarok Wisdom's "main course" of comics. And, hopefully, if you read both the comics as well as these, you'll bust a gut ... from laughter!

Actually, wait, don't bust a gut. I don't want to kill my readership!
A Wall of Text
Extra Entertainment!
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Closed Beta-1 and Closed Beta 2 Screenshots
( December 1, 2002 ~ February 17, 2003 )
( February 21, 2003 ~ March 29, 2003 )

#1: King of the Hill
(Check it out!)
When the closed beta started, we all started over completely—all old characters and accounts were wiped clean (which wasn't a big deal given the fact that iRO was down for months on end!) This was my first time in the Novice training castle, and as you can see... I had a lot of fun goofing off!

#2: Yo, Daddio!
(Check it out!)
I'm ba~ack, Father Maruweiss!

(And the entire church groaned with disgruntlement.)

(Check it out!)
Ever since I made Burning Time, it's become a customary greeting to exchange blood-curdling screams with me.

#4: Wow.
(Check it out!)
People who hang around the Culverts should appreciate the rarity of capping a picture like this on iRO.

#5: Feminizer In Action
(Check it out!)
Me and Tristan (still a novice there) were helping a girl named Neoa become an aco—we were waiting for Tristan to meet up with us outside Prontera, and, well, the nearby guys smelled boobs...

#6: Krotoan the Boogalyte
(Check it out!)
It's my man, Krotoan! BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA

#7: The Greatest Injokes Of All
(Check it out!)
Back in Closed Beta, the influence of the large Thai population from Open Beta 1 and 2 was still fresh on many iROers, and there were quite a few incidents where I ran into joke characters, such as these two...

#8: Syncrhonized Leveluping
(Check it out!)
For a while me and Hawkeye hung out in a shared party together, and at one point we both leveled up at the same time—and then said this at the same time. If we were any more in sync we'd be acting as one!

(Check it out!)
The first of many encounters with Prontera's secret cloning project...

#10: Co-ink-y-dinks!
(Check it out!)
There's just coincedences all over the place, here! Okay, this might not be as drastic as an exact clone, but what the heck. I found it funny at the time!

#11: Penuma Addicts Anonymous
(Check it out!)
This was the first time that penuma was available to Acolytes freely (Back in Beta-2 it seems there was a bug that kept a lot of acos from getting it). Once I had this skill... well...

Hi, my name is Aragan... and I'm a Penuma addict.

... AND YOU ALL NEED BEANO!! *penuma penuma*

#12: Can't Sleep, The Monkeys Will Loot Me...
(Check it out!)
In Beta-2 and Closed Beta, I spent gobs of time in the Mt. Mjolnir fields, specifically the one two fields north of Western Prontera (which I call "Borking Stainers Land"). Yoyos were added by Closed Beta, and were my worst enemy back then—always nabbing my drops, and I was too weak to take one (read: ten) on.

At one point, a large group of them were surrounding me and following me hapazardly... Evil monkeys. (By the way, that there in the message window is Zelse. I first met him as a mage named SoulFlare)

#13: Tristar the Scarecrow
(Check it out!)
This is what happens when you take up hat collecting as a hobby, kids!

#14: Holy Stainers, Batman!
(Check it out!)
Bork bork bork~

#15: More Penuma Fun
(Check it out!)
I think I spent more SP on Penuma than Heal for the duration of the entire beta... and here, Tristar recites a line from Joe Cartoon.

#16: Ragnapolice! Ragnapolice!
(Check it out!)
HERE COMES TEH ROYAL PRONTERA CONSTULABARYTHING!! Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when they come for you~

#17: Oopsie!
(Check it out!)
Hey, come on, I needed something to chop firewood with! They don't make axemaces, you know!

#18: Playing As A Monster!
(Check it out!)
This is actually a visual trick. I was sitting right underneath the cliff there, and with my camera view, I was able to see things going on just above me. It just so happened that an Elder Willow was right over my position when I took this picture ...

#19: Aragan's A Pig
(Check it out!)
The most common phrase concerning men from women is that "All men are pigs." ... I guess they're right. ;_;

#20: Thieves Don't Mug ...
(Check it out!)
...They just sneak up behind you, grab you around the throat with an arm, point a knife to your head and ask "u lv?"

#21: Fishy Little Magesses
(Check it out!)
By this time I had that fishy female mage injoke going— and well, I found a new use for Penuma.

#22: Chop More Firewood! Fetch More Water!
(Check it out!)
Who needs lumberjacks when you got RO players?

#23: Tapioca Pudding and Pink Fur
(Check it out!)
Yeah, I do believe this was Cherry from the old Ragnamart database. She was tanking Elder Willows for two novices at once when I took this picture.

It really does look like the novice is wearing a pink fur thingy while standing in a puddle of tapoica pudding, doesn't it?

#24: Tristan's Cousin
(Check it out!)
Me and the other CoRMers had a few laughs over this. We ran into her a few other times during our Elder Willow Forest adventures, too.

#25: Burning Time Fan?
(Check it out!)
I can't help but think this guy was influenced by Burning Time... I wonder what'd happen if El Blargo ever ran into him.

#26: Maybe I Could Fall Through the Ground?
(Check it out!)
Me and Tristar were talking about the animated RO opening movie that popped up around this time. I couldn't get over the fact that the female mage was shown swimming in water, especially given the fish nickname I've given 'em all.

#27: Decomposing Merchants
(Check it out!)
Hey look, it's Father Duck, everyone! And Tristar, who wiped himself out fighting a Willow, is decomposing.

#28: This Will NEVER Happen.
(Check it out!)
This was a bug in the server... server... thing. I still find it funny.

#29: Synchronized Emoticonning
(Check it out!)
Eat your heart out, synchronized swimmers.

#30: More Emoticon Fun
(Check it out!)
It's amazing we don't get rashes from scratching our cheeks that much.

#31: Tristar's New Disguise
(Check it out!)
"Those willows will never see me coming. ^^"

#32: Close Inspection
(Check it out!)
Here, Tristar inspects Neko's hair closely. I think he found a zipper.

#33: You Don't See This Every Day
(Check it out!)
Homestar Runner fans will probably recognize the joke right off the bat. If not (and for everyone else), check out Strong Bad E-mail #37.

#34: Fun In Aldebaran
(Check it out!)
This was the first time us CoRMers went up to Aldebaran, and since then it's become a hangout place. What I was talking about in that screenie was a picture I drew of myself sitting on a siderail in Aldebaran back before I started Ragnarok Wisdom—the scenery was very much like what you see there.

(Check it out!)
I wouldn't ask Sniff. You may not like the answer.

#36: Buncha Peeping Toms
(Check it out!)
If people actually lived in that house, it'd be kind of funny. "Hon, what the hell are those kids doing up on the roof?!"

#37: Smoke On The Water
(Check it out!)
Me and Zelse (as SoulFlare) contemplate the future of RO... and then angst about someone who parked his boat in the middle of the canal.

#38: Yellow Flow
(Check it out!)
Still hanging out in the big city, Lenz demonstrates why he has a loose bladder...

#39: Ginormous Green Gas!
(Check it out!)
I told you I was a Penumaniac.

#40: Cafe Hijinks
(Check it out!)
Zelse's chat says "Waiter, I'd like a heal plzzzz" and Lenz's says "B33R ME!"

This would be hilarious to do in real life. Sit like that on chairs and ask for wierd RO-related stuff. "Do you got any red potions?" "Uh... no..." "WELL WHAT KIND OF RESTRAUNT IS THIS?!"

#41: The Best Cart of All
(Check it out!)
Forget those pretty carts you get with the Cart Change skill. THIS is every merchant's dream!

#42: Bedroom Raid!
(Check it out!)
The next thing we did was run into someone's house and take over their bedroom. I think we tried to have a pillow fight, but lamented at the fact that the pillows were cemented to the bed. ;0;

#43: Look, Ma! No Feet!
(Check it out!)
Maybe this is why we're "Substitutes for the Load."

#44: And Speaking Of Floating ...
(Check it out!)
Floating mushrooms are NEVER a good sign.

#45: Default Twins
(Check it out!)
Me and a guy who looks like the default hunter!

#46: Irony
(Check it out!)
Tristan wanted to get tanked up in the pyramids (this was before there was a mimic there, I think), stating more poporings were out around that area. After he said that, all of those poporings came wandering into view.

#47: Aco Squad!
(Check it out!)
At this time, finding first classers was becoming more and more rare, so that's one reason I took the pic. By the way, that's not Talien, that's Flare, one of Zelse's alternate characters.

#48: Even MORE Penuma Fun
(Check it out!)
Seems like I'm not the only one who thinks "stinky green gas" when penuma's cast... XD

#49: And Now Some GOD-POING Fun
(Check it out!)
It's true! I have so many issues I don't know what to do with them. ;0;

#50: Synchronized GNO!
(Check it out!)
Gno, gno, that's gno good!

#51: Weird Spawn Points
(Check it out!)
This has been fixed by now, I think, but back in Closed Beta there were more than a few blue plants that spawned in the river west of the Coal Mines entrance field. I also found that spells could be cast on some of the ground down there. Doesn't it kind of look like a giant underwater explosion?

#52: It's A Work Of Art
(Check it out!)
The symmetry! The beauty and form of it! It should be framed in the Louve!

#53: Year of the Coincedence
(Check it out!)
So many screencaps of double-things I've run into. This be one of them—three guys wearing mantastic pink hats, but two are exactly the same class and hairstyle. And in that picture, they're also moving in the same direction with the same frame of animation!


#54: The Big Book of Engrish
(Check it out!)
I wonder how big that book is. After playing RO's early periods, it's probably really big.

#55: Every Stoner's Dream
(Check it out!)
Or maybe every truffle fan's dream. Or mushroom pizza lover's dream ...

#56: ?!?!
(Check it out!)
People who didn't play iRO's early betas may not know what's up with this, so I'll explain. In Beta-1 and 2, Santa Hats were extremely rare. You could only get them during the Christmas period of the year. No OBBs, no OVBs, no Santa Porings that rarely show up around Lutie (which didn't exist until Closed Beta's Christmas period).

This picture was taken shortly after iRO got Lutie put into the game, which also came with all the Christmas stuff—Antonio (for the first time) and santa porings everywhere, and all them Christmas decorations and special Christmas music. What's so shocking about this picture is that the archer here is wearing a santa hat mere minutes after the servers came back up.

#57: And More Healbegging ...
(Check it out!)
Do I seem bitter there? Well, yeah! When you've got low HP (look at my bar there) and're busy fighting off some monsters, and a female thief walks up to you and says "heal me 500 hp only" then sits and turns away from you waiting for you to heal her... yeah. I think you'd go " ><; " too.

Speaking of healbeggers, is it just me or do they always do that? Walk up to you, beg, sit down and then face away from you, I mean.

#58: Gift Bos!
(Check it out!)
Christy's explaining the special new Christmas stuff and makes a typo that several of us caught onto. We're all obeying my own freaking internet laws, here!

#59: The Tables Have Turned!
(Check it out!)
Flare gives healbeggers a taste of their own medicene.

#60: Christmas Celebrations
(Check it out!)
Me and a few other CoRMers celebrating Christmas with a tour of the various cities. That mage guy, Dalamar, is a friend of Trist's.

#61: arasol ;_;
(Check it out!)
Do I spray holy water-scented mist out of my biretta that kills germs on contact? D:

(Check it out!)
Reinpecopecos, probably. I bet Sniff ate them all. @*&^$*&^*

#63: Divine Substitution?
(Check it out!)
I used to say this whenever someone yelled "GOD!" or the like.

It's a reference to the subtitle that was originally used in character artwork for Acolytes in Ragnarok Online: "Substitute for the Load." (Ahh, Engrish!)

I think that was an attempt by Gravity to allude to one of the official titles of the Pope of the Catholic Church: "Vicar of Jesus Christ," since RO's clerics are modeled off of Catholic priests and all.
#64: If Anyone Tells You To Go To The Abbey Ampitheater ...
(Check it out!)
Don't do it! It's a ripoff! There's no show and they steal your money! ;0;

#65: Nose Picking Knight
(Check it out!)
"Say, Aragan, you need a nose cleaning..." *AL GORE* "... oops."

#66: Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam And Spammed Skills
(Check it out!)
The visual feasts from PVP and Guildwar got nothing on a bunch of Prontera Parish/Crusaders of Rune Midgard/Merchant Guild members going nuts with skills.

#67: The Best Secret Santa Ever
(Check it out!)
This was during a get together organized by the Prontera Parish, between PronPar, Merchant Guild and CoRM members. We had this secret santa thing going, and Sir Hawkeye was mine. He chose to do a public representation of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" with me and him on the stage of the ampitheatre, in front of EVERAHBODEH.

Best. Secret Santa. Ever. You rock, Hawkeye!

#68: And There Was Much Rejoicing
(Check it out!)
Then we all did some line dancing, reciting Rejected with Tristar running laps around the entire group, screaming the entire way.

#69: Group Shot
(Check it out!)
This is everyone who was present at the Christmas party. DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN THERE?! D::

#70: Azen's A Speedy Lil' Aco
(Check it out!)
One of the games we played at the Christmas party was a "get the card" race by Zinic (I stood back so I could get pictures of the race as it happened). Azen (the crossdressing femaco) won the prize before Zinic could even say go. D:

#71: A West Payon Story
(Check it out!)
Drug dealing is a dicey game in the Merchant underworld. You never know if your competition will send archers on pecoback to do a drive-by PK.

#72: Who Is Yo' Daddy?
(Check it out!)
Definitely not you, dead man.

#73: WHAT THE?!
(Check it out!)
So one day I was at the Culverts entrance and say... well... this. HOW THE HELL DID HE STEAL THAT KAFRA'S UNIFORM?!

#74: The Carrot of 666
(Check it out!)
Tristar wound up having six hundred and sixty-six carrots on him. And he dropped them to see if anyone would pick them up. Turns out, it did have the sign of the beast! The fact it killed an acolyte is proof!

#75: The Acolyte Call
(Check it out!)
Well, they DO seem to come after you just when you're on the ropes...

#76: What A Gut (Funk)!
(Check it out!)
No, it wasn't really Gut Funk that Christy ran into. I don't even think Gut Funk has used a merchant. But you gotta admit, that IS pretty funny for her to say.

#77: Irony, Part Deux
(Check it out!)
So me and Zelse were levelbusting down in the Geffen Tower dungeon, when Christy gets on the GM horn and talks about how training monsters on people—or nabbing all of the monsters on a field for tanking—are against the RO rules. Right as she talked about that, a thief with an assload of poison spores walked up to us and hid. He took us out in a few seconds, and another thief girl as well. Talk about asinine.

#78: Microsoft's Everywhere ...
(Check it out!)
It isn't enough for Microsoft to make a console to try and dominate the console market. It's not enough for them to badger a kid into giving up a domain name that uses his real name, because it's "copyright infringement." Nor is it enough for them to try and control what we do with our computers through TCPA/Palladium. No, they feel they have to go farther. They have to make a guild in RO and CONTROL WHAT WE PAY FOR!!&@$^@$^*

#79: Line Dancing Part Deux!
(Check it out!)
More fun in Geffen Tower.

#80: Ice Wall Bug Manifest
(Check it out!)
I think it's been fixed by now, but in iRO there used to be a bug with Ice Wall. The spot it was cast on would be occasionally unwalkable, and it was used by some griefers in the past to block access to areas. Though in this case, it was just some wizard having fun and not trying to be an ass.

(Check it out!)
You know, I always wanted to drown in a field of soda... ;_;

#82: Fun and Healbegging
(Check it out!)
I joined in on a group of people that were making "I am" chat rooms. Then someone comes into my own channel and says that.

Kinda reeks of Magoo-ness, doesn't it?

#83: Acolytes: The Holy Secretaries
(Check it out!)
Here I sum up the essence of the Acolyte's role in religion.

#84: Battle By Heal—er, Blessing!
(Check it out!)
A femwiz got to taste the wrath of my nearly-maxed Blessing! ... Then Tristar told me the horrible truth.

#85: Peeping Toms, Part Deux
(Check it out!)
Zelse finds fish to be tantilizing.

#86: Lutie Line Dancing!
(Check it out!)
Next we'll have a toga party there.

#87: Driving the Floor
(Check it out!)
I think we gave that swordsman apolexy by watching us.

#88: Factorization!
(Check it out!)
Uh oh! Someone's playing that game where you use a crane to grab a prize! AGH! NOT ME! NOT MY HEAD! NOT MY—*rip*

#89: It's A Miracle ...
(Check it out!)
iRO is absolutely notorious for people making their shops and chat rooms right in the middle of city streets, so you can understand why Tristar had a nervous breakdown there...

#90: 'Creative' Heal Beggars
(Check it out!)
Amusing, but no cigar, buddy.

#91: Get Me Outta Here!
(Check it out!)
Saint Damien, who's made a name for himself on IRC by stuffing guys down girls' (namely Lulu from FFX) cleavage, will probably get a kick out of this screenie. It's hilarious in all the wrong ways.

#92: Thieves Have Loose Bladders
(Check it out!)
First Lenz... now Zelse.

#93: Sniff Laments
(Check it out!)
I guess he just doesn't like the Scarlacc Pit Diner.

#94: 'Pet' Rave!
(Check it out!)
Back in the days of yore, we didn't have pets. So, we often faked it by getting one to attack us. Gut Funk and the group of us acos there had a lot of fun with it until some asinine archer killed them all. :/

#95: Beatnik Mage
(Check it out!)
Mighty fine beard there, dude.

#96: The Karate Acolyte
(Check it out!)

#97: Zelse's Day Job
(Check it out!)
Zelse doesn't make enough money killing people, so on his off days he cuts hair for a living.

#98: That's One Thing I'll Give!
(Check it out!)
Though if you want more afk, you ought to talk to Corigan. He deals in the stuff.

#99: A Message For All Female Mages
(Check it out!)
This should give quite a few people a laugh. See, iRO has "bastards" (at least at the time of Closed Beta) blocked. Can't say it. Yet this NPC has no problems saying it.

But I guess when you're talking about fishy female mages, it'll drive you to cuss.

#100: Rooftop Ninjas
(Check it out!)
You know how Robin Williams kept ranting about ninjas on his lawn trying to kill him? We're on the rooftop of his house sniping the lawn gnomes.

#101: Holy Nelson!
(Check it out!)
Zelse's in a headlock from a Priestess who was a pro wrestler in her previous profession.

Or maybe he's sticking out of her cleavage again, I dunno!

#102: A Truckload of Irony
(Check it out!)
I wonder if this guy intentionally got himself killed just so he could do that...

#103: The Acolyte in the Stone, Part Two!
(Check it out!)
This time I got a lot of passerby wondering what the hell I was doing, and some people who joined in!

#104: The Ultimate Being
(Check it out!)
Gentlemen, we have the technology. The technology to make Zelse faster ... deadlier ... more intelligent. we present, THE TWO-KNIFE-HEADED, FOUR-ARMED ASSASSIN!!

#105: A Tradition Revived
(Check it out!)
Please adopt us ;_;.

#106: A Warcraft III Injoke
(Check it out!)
I scared this guy by following him around ranting about how he didn't call me and was screening his calls. That's all a refrence from WC3—if you got it, click on the Night Elf Demon Hunter in multiplayer until he starts ranting about Darkness. It's funny. (A lot of units and heroes in single/multiplayer seem to share this)

#107: An Acolyte Bodyguard?!
(Check it out!)
Trist (as Kaileron) and Neko here went AFK by Moonlight Flower's doorstep. Guess who had to cover for them?

#108: Zelse's House
(Check it out!)
He evicted the original goblin owner... Too bad he can't fit in there..

#109: Requiems Hurt.
(Check it out!)
Me and Zelse were hanging out in the Sphinx and got jumped by some Requiems. I eventually got KO'ed. Zelse stuck it out for a while, but soon fell to 'em too—showed up soon after my own HP and SP was filled up back at the Culverts.

#110: The Hidden Magical Aco
(Check it out!)
*shimmers and pops* YOU'LL NEVER GET ME LUCKY CHARMS!!

#111: More Chatroom Fun
(Check it out!)
Man, this was gold. We were all in the Elder Willow forest, putting up signs and acting silly. Then some DB griefing jerk came along and tried to kill us all. --;

#112: Shadowmap Problems
(Check it out!)
After an update, some of the fields in Mt. Mjolnir suffered from some wack-ass shading. This is one of the more crazy effects of that update.

#113: The Zelse Vaccum Cleaner
(Check it out!)
Introducing a new way to clean your home of dirty things!

#114: Dance Dance Zelse's Bodyguards
(Check it out!)
After doing a Dance Dance Zelse show on Payon's main street, me and Kat became DDZ's personal bodyguards. I'd show the DDZ pictures I took, but I didn't get any good shots of it in action. ;_;

#115: Long-Range Penuma!
(Check it out!)

#116: order plz
(Check it out!)
Sounds kind of like what Novvy'd be like working for McDonald's...

#117: OVERLOAD!!
(Check it out!)
As Acolytes, we often push the limits of the dimensional fabric... just ask Talien.

#118: Godly Goodness?!
(Check it out!)
That's Rubisea, a Merchant Guilder. And what she said to me was one of THE best ways I've been asked for a heal, ever.

#119: Poor Takara ...
(Check it out!)
He never saw Rubisea coming. She ate him in one gulp. *pours a bottle of holy water on the floor* MY WATER FLOWS FREELY FOR YOU, TAKARA ;0;

#120: An Example of Modern Business
(Check it out!)
Owned by someone who is owned by someone who is owned by someone...

#121: More Lighting Glitches
(Check it out!)
There's no way in heck you'd get me to take on that MVP.

#122: The Blacksmith Man Is An Alien
(Check it out!)
Or maybe one of those splitting monsters from FFIII (Japan).

#123: Scamming Thiefess
(Check it out!)
I think this Christmas Present's in the wrong job, don't you?

(Check it out!)
The small padoga-like gazebo in the southeast corner of Payon has been a beloved CoRM hangout for a while.

#125: The Pot Lady's Herbal Store
(Check it out!)
Might be a bit hard to tell, but that girl was named "The Pot Lady." I took the joke and ran.

#126: Sniff's Suspense
(Check it out!)
Ol' Sniffy gets like this whenever he watches action or suspenseful movies. I've literally found him supporting his weight on but a milimeter's worth of chair.

(Check it out!)
Christy drops the iron toed boot on two guilds that've abused a bug that existed back then.

#128: Introducing A New Form of Fashion ...
(Check it out!)
Cathedral bell hats! Get yours today!

#129: omg wtf kat
(Check it out!)
Any MZXers/ZZTers browsing these screenies should get a kick out of this one.

#130: Ono!
(Check it out!)
Fishy fish ;_; This was during the Midgats World Fair, something Orbonne of the Parish organized back in Beta-1 and was brought back during the Closed Beta with a degree of success.

#131: Miroku Is Not Strong Bad.
(Check it out!)
C'mon, man. Just 'cause you got red hair and shades doesn't mean you can be the bane of Homestar Runner!

#132: Lenz is Evil
(Check it out!)
During an impromptu sketch, we took turns forming teams, with one guy giving us parts to act out and the rest of us doing it. Lenz... well... you see what he made me do?! I still have nightmares... ;_;

#133: Sold Into Servitude
(Check it out!)
Afterwards, the Midgats World Fair people held a "slave for a day" auction thing. I wound up being made the first one to be sold. I got sold to Back Stab/Lost Entity, and wound up being among the lowest priced of them all.

I think it got a bit out of hand though later on, some of the MGers started making a lot of cracks about "sex slaves" and stuff... >_> <_<;

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