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Webcomics, in many ways, are like restaurant menus. See, you've got all these big main courses. You order something and you're bound to get a LOT of it (unless it's one of those restaurants that makes you pay a little for a lot).

And then after (or before!) that, you have "appetizers" that are pretty much main courses in and of themselves.

And if you try to eat both a main course AND an appetizer, your gut will likely burst! Unless you have a stomach like— I dunno, Yoshi or something.

Well, this page of Extra Stuff could be considered the "appetizer menu" to Ragnarok Wisdom's "main course" of comics. And, hopefully, if you read both the comics as well as these, you'll bust a gut ... from laughter!

Actually, wait, don't bust a gut. I don't want to kill my readership!
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Extra Entertainment!
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Open Beta-2 Screenshots
( July 17, 2002 ~ July 30, 2002 )

#1: It Begins ...
(Check it out!)
So there I was, completely naked in the Alberta weapon shop and only eleven people were on ...

#2: Taking Over the Cathedral
(Check it out!)
There was once a time when no NPCs existed in the cathedral, at all. A complete surprise at the time, given that the Beta 1's Cathedral was populated with NPCs!

So what did I do? I filled in as a temp!

#3: Second Hand Smoke
(Check it out!)
Assasins always look cool when smoking a stoogie. Oh, and check out the orignal priest and archer in that screenshot! I should've joined them, seeing as I am the original acolyte... (QUIET, CAP'N DUCK!)

#4: Lion Statues
(Check it out!)
I dunno why, but I just fall over laughing every time I look at Tristar in that picture...

#5: R.I.P Teleport Workers...
(Check it out!)
Back in Beta-1, teleportation was handled by an NPC seperate from the Kafras. In Beta-2, the Kafra girls ate them, since they wanted a monopoly on NPC services. They also wound up eating the cart merchants. I bet the town guards are next...

#6: I'm Stuffay!
(Check it out!)
Open Beta-2 saw the first time that characters could turn their heads without having to face another direction to do it. We had a lot of fun with this, as evidence by Trist's stuffayness in this pic. He does! Just look at him! You can just see him say "AAAHM STUFAAAAY!"

#7: Surviving the Big Disconnect
(Check it out!)
At one point in Open Beta-2, no one could log in, and people were slowly getting kicked off. Me, Sniff and Trist camped out and tried to see how long we could stay on. I managed to stay on until 395 people, then my ISP went "LOLZ" and disconnected me. ;_;

#8: Glitches Galore!
(Check it out!)
And that happened just afterwards.

#9: A Flashlight!
(Check it out!)
Having more fun with the floating tile of the Padoga. That's either a flashlight or a ... magic missile! < / Dead Alewives >

#10: 555
(Check it out!)
Such a big coincidence! ( And uh... to any Parishoners looking at these screenies—I wasn't a member of the Parish then. Plz no macing for egg abuse ;o; I used to preach to people in Beta-1, encouraging them to destroy the pupas because they were evil. )

#11: I'm Not A Technician
(Check it out!)
I just want to log on! I'm not the cable guy!

#12: ... Umm ...
(Check it out!)
Either that thiefess is kicking the aco in the crotch, or the aco's giving the thief a foot massage ...

#13: You Lazy Bums!
(Check it out!)
A merchant decides to sleep on the job. Did I mention I hated DB idots with a passion back then? Still do, but you could DB inside stores... God, that sucked.

(Check it out!)
So many people seem to think I am supposed to be Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings. I am NOT Aragorn!

... That guy is!

#15: We're Not on the Same Wavelength
(Check it out!)
Look, the light is in my face, Trist. In fact, I have no face anymore! What?! You STILL can't see it?! AAGH!

#16: Please Adopt Us! Again!
(Check it out!)
I can be so demanding. ;_;

#17: Graphic Problems on Loki!
(Check it out!)
Man, I really need to see a chiropractor.

#18: Floating Heads For Sale
(Check it out!)
Trist is gonna laugh his ass off when he sees this.

#19: Look, I'm Tengu Man!
(Check it out!)
I've always wanted a large metal beak as a nose... T_T

#20: Poof! Instant Hair Change!
(Check it out!)
.. Um... Yeah. I don't think I like this hair style.

#21: Best. RO sprite glitch. Ever.
(Check it out!)
I seem to be missing my brains...

#22: Um, okay ...
(Check it out!)
That mage chased me all the way out to the boonies (where I was goofing off with the glitch) to healbeg me (I'll never understand why people will chase an acolyte to the ends of the earth when they'd get their SP faster by actually SITTING). Doesn't he look goofy? :D

(Check it out!)

#24: Expel The Craps!
(Check it out!)
Buddy, if that's all you want, I could have sent for some laxatives...

#25: You Big Dumb Meany Head!
(Check it out!)
This blacksmith rocks. He really does.

#26: Blacksmith Pickup Lines
(Check it out!)
I mean, you can just imagine someone saying that... "Hey baby! I'm so hot, I'll melt your body with my heat~ "

#27: ... Um ... (Part II)
(Check it out!)
I won't even ask what the implied meaning is.

#28: Oh Boy! Foot Odor! :D!
(Check it out!)
I don't know what he's talking about! I have odor eaters in my shoes!

#29: Who Wrote These Lines?!
(Check it out!)
Seriously... They really needed someone professional to write the NPC lines and responses in iRO back then. This is just hilarious in all the wrong ways.

#30: Portal Hopping Novvy
(Check it out!)
Sir Hawkeye taught him the ancient art of jam!

(Check it out!)
Fabre Man, for some odd reason, is feared by the Parish. I didn't know the full story when I took this picture, but this was during Sir Hawkeye and Rin's wedding—you wouldn't believe how quickly he cleared the room with his presence. I mean, everyone was gone in like a SECOND.

#32: My Induction Into the Parish ...
(Check it out!)
Check out that crowd of inductees. ;o; Please adopt us!

#33: The Invincible Chonchon
(Check it out!)
He was untargetable and stayed in one place. Must've had godmode on.

#34: Holy (Lunatic) Water
(Check it out!)
Ewwwwww. MVE can be so raunchy at times. D:

#35: Jellopies From On High
(Check it out!)
They fixed this bug in the Closed Betas. Man, I was hoping I could drop jellopies off the side of the bridge onto people below...

#36: It Happens.
(Check it out!)
More often than you'd think, too.

#37: I'm the King of Rune-Midgard!
(Check it out!)
First the Cathedral, then the kingdom... Tommorow, the WORLD! BWAAAHAHAHA—ow.

#38: Sakkat the Korean Hat!
(Check it out!)
I still say it sounds like a kid's show. Imagine it—bright, happy colors, delightful music, and this little floating dancing sakkat with big cutsey eyes.


(Check it out!)
Warp bugs were rampant in the old days. This is what happens when I try to warp to Geffen. Oops!

#40: The Bridge Is Sticky
(Check it out!)
Alright, who covered the bridge in super glue?!

#41: I'm So Mean!
(Check it out!)
At least I didn't say it to his face.

#42: Aragan In Wonderland!
(Check it out!)
Follow the white lunatic... Follow the white lunatic. Oh me, oh my! I'm late, I'm late, I'm—*falls off a cliff*—F**K! :D

#43: Teatime In Wonderland
(Check it out!)
Taking an SP break with the Bomber himself!

#44: OY.
(Check it out!)
Didn't this guy see I was away?! ><;

#45: What Are the Chances. Really?
(Check it out!)
I never thought I'd see a couple like THIS in RO.

#46: Instant Classic!
(Check it out!)
You can always count on Christy for wrongfully amusing phrases.

#47: Fun With Name Chars
(Check it out!)
Some people in game abused the fact that you could input whatever non-alphabet letters you want and made the so-called "smiley name characters." I had fun with those.

#48: Angelus !!
(Check it out!)
Meanwhile, MVE is casting the spell "w00t !!"
It does 555 internet shorthand-elemental damage. D:

#49: A Rare Clone Couple
(Check it out!)
Like... WHOA.

#50: More Smiley Action...
(Check it out!)

#51: Zen Dispenser
(Check it out!)
I hope they make karma dispensers, too.

#52: Don't Heal Me, Heal Her!
(Check it out!)
One of the more unique healbegging incidents I've had.

#53: Independence Day, RO Style
(Check it out!)
You gotta admit, that jewel on Geffen Tower DOES look like a giant UFO ...

#54: Bartering Stupidity
(Check it out!)
Why do people think that they can pay for a warp with something that sells for two zeny ... ?

#55: Agh! Windows!
(Check it out!)
Attack of the Rabid Status Windows! *B-movie music*

#56: Slashing Air to the Beat of the Music
(Check it out!)
Lunaris pratices his own form of Tae-Bo. He was doing that for several minutes, too. (We didn't know it at the time, but a server glitch kept us from seeing the mob he was fighting.)

#57: Zombies Galore
(Check it out!)

#58: Towns Are Hell
(Check it out!)
This is a very good case for sidewalk vending. Towns are still like this, too.

#59: Warp Portal + Map Portal = Fun
(Check it out!)
Don't worry, I didn't do this in a store. It was one of the taverns no one but our guild goes to.

#60: Being A Nutcase
(Check it out!)
And we had lots of fun in that tavern, too.

#61: Holy $#!+ !!
(Check it out!)
Apparently what happened here was that I switched maps to the one north of that one, yet my computer didn't register it, so I was walking around using the map you see there —the map information on where you can and can't walk is handled mostly by your own client, which allowed for this to happen.

#62: Just... Just... Ewwwww.
(Check it out!)
Remember this, Lord Kathos?

#63: Invasion of the Body Snatchers!
(Check it out!)

#64: Trickle Down Economics
(Check it out!)

#64: Well, THAT Explains A Lot.
(Check it out!)
Christy said this when they first tried finding sub-GMs for iRO. No wonder the quality of English in RO was so bad back then ...

#65: Unofficial PVP Test Extreme!
(Check it out!)
Me and Lucieve tested out the PVP feature way before it was ever implemented! (This was just before iRO Beta-2 closed down, too.)

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